Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Colette is 7 Months Old

Our little one is 7 months old now! This post is very late and I took pictures late so let's call her 7.5 months here.
 No stats as she doesn't go to the doctor for a bit, but she's close to 17 lbs. I looked up Max's stats and they are very similar now even though she looks bigger. Ratio percentages are different for girls/boys.
New Developments- She is definitely a rocker. She gets into the crawling position and rocks back and forth. She also army crawls and rolls to where she needs to go.

Happy little roly poly.
She also likes to stand up most the time she plays now.
You still have to make sure she doesn't fall over.
She wouldn't sit still in the chair at all for pictures. I wrote the same thing for Max at his 7 month picture shoot.
I kept telling myself that Max had darker hair when he was a baby too and then all the sudden it got blonde, but looking back at his photos he definitely had dirty blonde hair that was slowly turning blonde. Colette's is definitely dark! Maybe she will look like our family! Poor Max.

If you've noticed that we changed her bow that is because I put the wrong sticker on her and thought she was 8 months (because she almost is)... Oops.

Eating- She loves food now. Any kind. She is still eating every 3 hours about 4 ounces. It probably should be upped, but I don't make more than that and since she's still doing every 3 hours I'm ok with it. Recently I haven't been making my quota at work at have been pulling from my small freezer stash. With Max I also started to not make as much around 8 monthish. I thought it was because I went to a new job and the pumping was stressful, but it could be my body slows down around this time. Who knows. I will still pump what I can but might have to start supplementing around the 8 month mark.

She is still so happy all the time!
We've started feeding her baby foods 3 times a day with cereal for one of them. She does this angry bird noise if you stop feeding her and she wants more. It's adorable and hilarious. She will let you know.
Sleeping- Well, we had her sleep trained about a month ago where she was sleeping all night without needing to feed, but then she got sick. And I felt bad and I would go and feed and cuddle her. Now she's back to waking up 1 or 2 times. She's just so cute though.

Love her little faces. She is starting to only need 2 naps a day. Sometimes she doesn't nap but 45 mins so we do the 3, but she is definitely getting close to the 9:30/10am and 2pm nap.
Comparison of Max and Colette from this age. His blue eyes are just so crazy!

Randoms- She's in size 9 month clothing and fast approaching 12 month.
Love this face. Such a cutie pie.
Size 3 diapers.
I see you there Mom taking more pictures lol.
Little angry bird standing up. Just look at those rolls!! She wouldn't sit in the chair.
Told you she didn't want to sit! 
Picture with her auntie and my photography assistant!
Teeth pic. She hates when we try to look in there. She was mad oopsy!
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Mock family said...

Great pics!! Max looks so tiny next to the comparison!

Chris said...

She sure is cute! Lots of personality and dark hair! Why did you say sorry Max, he's rocking the blonde hair and blue eyes, he says sorry for you guys! ;o)

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