Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Halloween 2015

With more holidays coming and going it's time to get my butt in gear and get these posts done! Let's reminisce about October 2015. 
Halloween jammies in full force. Look how short Colette's hair was! 
We were boo'd and made these cute packages for a few neighbors.
We had checkups at the doctor and loved their decorated door! 
We went with friends to the corn maze and had some fun. Michelle snuck in for the photo op.

Cutie pies. I tried to find a pic from last year, but my photos were all broken on the blog. bummer. 

Hayride selfie! 
It was also dress up superhero day at church one morning. You can see who had a tough time there on the floor lol. So dramatic.
Pumpkin time!
I love our neighborhood entrance when that time of year. SO pretty the trees! 
Time to trick-or-treat! We have captain America of course and Noah was Flash (i think).
Other neighbor Terry came in for the pic also.  They were so excited to see each other on the walking journey even though we literally live next door to them. 
Every year we have to make the trek down to Dr. Smiley's house and the big kids get to go because its late usually. I act like it's so far away, but the hills are BRUTLE. David sustained an injury this year when the stroller tipped over (no injuries with the children). His knuckles are still scarred.
We stopped at the Kerr household on the way home and the girls were just getting back with all of their loot. I mean look at that. Hadley was in doll heaven and Max was taking it all in with that candy view. 
Coco bean was little miss. Strawberry. 
A costume Hadley wore when she was little. Why, here she is. 
Cousin Jammie pose time. We made the mistake of giving Colette a snacky and she just would not let go of the cup without crying so there ya have it.

Haha Coco's Cheese face.

Scooping fun had by all.

Halloween movie time! 
Michelle's idea to make a cute veggie pumpkin since they would be eating so much junk food. Someone got to it before I could take a finished pic.

Even little Owen dressed up! 

Of course we had to make some jello shots for the neighbors and adult treaters. They were a hit (I think-man that was a long time ago it seems).
Not sure what David is doing there. He always feels like he has to squat down to me because I'm so short.

And I was afraid we wouldn't have a good photo to end with. haha Happy Halloween!
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