Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Past 9 Months- A Look Back

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Today is my last day at work for 12 weeks! We had yummy celebratory donuts that Lacey brought in (I was craving Krispy Kreme). I thought I'd take a look back at the pregnancy and share some thoughts and photos from the past 9 months
We found out in the beginning of June that we were expecting a little bambino. David was traveling and I couldn't wait to tell him.
Our first doctors appointment wasn't until July 15 at 9 weeks. It felt like a million years waiting for the confirmation appointment.
I was so glad that Michelle and James were passing through on their summer vacation so we could tell them in person. They helped us skype my mom and share the news.
Michelle and James made all the shirts and I came across this baby bump shirt the other day. I should have put it back on, but there is NO way it would fit.
From week 6 until week 17-18 I was not feeling so hot. It was an all day yucky feeling and I was unable to cook or do anything like I was used to.

Most of my weekends were spent laying down, researching and reading. Thankfully it went away and I have been feeling pretty great ever since!
David jumped into survival mode and started accomplishing items that have been on our to-do list like home renovations. We wanted to do something for us before we would be devoting our everything for the baby.
In October we had a gender reveal party where we found out before hand that Max was a boy and had a fun party to share. The cupcakes revealed blue!
It was fun google videoing with my family and friends from all over that weren't able to be in GA for the party.
It was really fun and I'm glad we did it.
In November we went up to NY for thanksgiving and had a great shower with my family. My mom and sister did a great hosting job and Max got spoiled rotten.
I thought I was getting so big, but man was I wrong lol. I don't look 30 weeks pregnant here.
In December we had so many fun holiday gatherings including my GA shower hosted by David's family. I was also thankful to have my family come to town to help with the nursery and really pull everything together for us.
We also got to see baby Max on 3D/4D ultrasound. He wasn't very cooperative, but he is so cute looking still.
We also learned that he should have been turned face down by now and tried everything to get him to go on his own. We even had an external version performed by the Doctor to manually try to turn him. We were unsuccessful and now just anticipating the scheduled c-section.
I was also so excited to get maternity photos done to remember this time.
One of our favorite projects was the evolution of Max's nursery. We started just with custom bedding and colors (blue, aqua and lime green) and when my sister told us that the boy in the wild things book was named Max we thought it was really cool. We began researching how we could incorporate various pieces into the room. David's motto on this project was apparently go big or go home, because he took it to the next level with customized vinyl wall decals which he created and placed on the walls. I love the personal touches.
Here is a picture from 9 weeks. I can't believe I thought I was getting a stomach at that point. 
10 week belly shot.
This was from this morning, so just about 39 weeks! I'll take a full length one for our final days left. I think I will miss feeling Max move all the time the most. I have really enjoyed that and think I will be using my moby wrap a lot to keep him close. I can't wait for my mom to come tonight and for us to meet Max on Friday. I'll post my last survey tomorrow at 39 weeks!
Thanks for following in our journey!
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leah said...

I loved your recap Jen!! I can't believe in 2 days Max will be here, your pregnancy just seemed to fly by. So excited for y'all!!

"B" said...

I have been following your journey recently - a friend from a friend extra :) I am pregnant now 21 weeks and hope to have a great memory log as your is at the end! Cannot wait to see Baby Max!

Chris said...

Less than 2 days! Crazy! :-)

Mock family said...

Great recap!

Auntie Stacey said...

I can't wait for you two to experience this beautiful moment in your life. It is truly a time you will never forget.
Love you two, and can't wait to meet Max!

asj said...

such a great recap - can't wait to hear all about baby max!

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