Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Backyard Adventures

We have a lot of birds that chirp in our yard all day so I thought it was about time that I step up and feed them. 
I purchased this bird feeder from Walmart after going to a few of the home improvement stores and not finding anything fun.
They say to hang it away from trees and fences so you don't have squirrels and other predators trying to get the food and birds. We really don't have squirrels in our yard since we don't have a ton of trees and are backed up to other houses I think.
I love the pretty design and it reflects very nicely in the sunlight. We have a lot of little bird friends that come visit daily and they seem to really enjoy the spread we put out. 
We have already been through a 5lb bag in 2 weeks time. Pretty birdie. 
Our knock-out roses have really blossomed early this year with the warm weather we have going. I just love to look at them.

Molly enjoys the weather outside also. Check out the jungle we have growing in our backyard. Davids going to be working on trying to maintain our yard this year as the weeds are just out of control.
We still need to clean out the old garden from last year that got infested with grass. As we were looking at some of the things still growing we noticed something red in there.
Upon closer inspection they are strawberries!! I planted them last year and nothing happened and this year they came out! We have quite a few and thats pretty exciting. I am mad that the garden looks so bad that we can't really use the space. I am going to finally get some of my vegetables to pots and start the outdoor garden. It's been slow going with this little guy who has decided he doesn't like to shop around with me anymore. Pin It

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Chris said...

Coolio, yard/molly are lookin good!

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