Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Max is 2 Months Old

Our little Max is already 2 months old. We have had our hands full this past month since most my help family has returned to their homes. It's been nice to try to get a routine and schedule going to be more consistent.
 2 Month Stats-
Weight- 10 lbs 13 oz (I'll update this and height/head circumference) when we officially go to the doctor next week).
The Good: He is such a giggle boy at certain times during the day. Right after we feed him we change his diaper. After that he just lays on his changing pad, giggles and talks to us for 10-15 mins.

The Not So Good: Little Max is a very fussy baby. I wanted to document this to reference back. He cries a lot, not sure if its classified as colic or not. I've figured out how long he can be up for and that is either swinging, playing on his play mat or just laying on his changing pad. He is not content if you just want to sit with him, read to him or put him in the boppy. He only likes being held over your shoulder while patting him on the back. I thought it might be acid reflux as he was spitting up a little, but we tried Zantac and it really made no difference and he is rarely spitting up or upset after/during eating. If we go somewhere and he fusses in his car seat when we get there and we take him out, it is really difficult to calm him down. He will just scream (not a little scream, its extremely loud) and we have to swaddle him or swing his carseat and make loud shh'ing noises. We're going to the pediatrician later today to make sure that theres nothing seriously wrong with him just to rule things out. Not sure if this is just a stage that he'll grow out of. At home we have a routine down and it isn't that bad. *update* we're back from the doctor and everything checked out just fine. Looks like we just have a fussy buddo on our hands.  

 Eating- He is still exclusively breastfeeding although I had a few issues this month (man, I just seem like a big downer in this post, but just wanted to be honest as this mom thing is tough).  A few weeks ago I just felt like I wasn't getting enough and Max wasn't aggressively eating so I pumped exclusively for a meal and fed him the bottle. I only got 2 ounces out total and I started to freak out because he should be eating between 3-4 oz. I know that pumping you don't get as much as he eats and all that good stuff. I was in conversation with the lactation consultants at northside hospital (such a great service, they have a number you can call for advice 7 days a week during business hours). They had me pump after breastfeeding during the morning sessions (when you have the most milk) to send a signal that you are out and he needs more. Well that started working, but not that much so I called back and she had me pump after EVERY feeding if I could (I am not doing the night ones). 
Needless to say, it is basically a full time job feeding him, getting my pumping stuff ready, pumping, playing with Max, putting him down for a nap and repeating this procedure. Good thing I am taking these 12 weeks, no way I could have handled going back earlier. Between pumping more, trying to eat better and more food, drinking more water, trying to relax and making oatmeal cookies (with flax seed, brewers yeast and oats-all said to increase supply) it is working. I can pump out between 3-3.5 as a meal and I am feeling much better about it. I did want to note that he was always getting enough dirty/wet diapers and gaining weight fine during this time.
 Sleeping- He is sleeping pretty good, still not that long in a row though. Here is his schedule now:

7:30am ish- Wake up time, eat and play time
8:30 or 9- Nap time
10:30- Eat and play time
1:30- Eat and play time
4:30-Eat and play time
7 or 7:30- eat, bed time routine which is bath and twinkle twinkle little star song before bed
8pm- In bed by 8
10-11pm Dream feed
-He usually wakes up between 2:30-3:30am and then we hopefully try to make it till wake up time at 7:30am on a good day, but sometimes he does 3am and 6am or 2:30am and 5:30am and then that second feeding he thinks its wake time and starts his giggles and wake up.
-He is napping usually in his swing and I've started trying to introduce his crib more, which he isn't minding just doesn't nap as long in there. At night hes sleeping in the pack and play cuddler next to our bed which he is getting too tall for so thats why I am trying to get him comfortable in his crib to hopefully make that transition to his crib in the next month exclusively at night. 
This whole 2 month photo shoot took place for literally 30 seconds, I am that fast (have to be) and this is really what goes on after the 30 seconds.
Randoms- We are using 2 types of bottles right now, Tommy Tippee and Playtex Drop-In Nursers and he likes both, but I really like the Playtex nursers right now. He doesn't make a huge gulping noise like he does with the others and hes able to take breaks and drinks more like he does at the breast. He also doesn't take in as much air and has less gas/burpies.
-He also still loves his bath time. 
- He is in size 1 diapers
Here is a comparison from 1 month to 2 months. I don't see that much of a difference, but he is becoming such a big boy. We love you buddy! Pin It


Jen S said...

I love the photo of him smiling and kicking his foot up. He's so cute!

asj said...

he is so stinking cute! I love how honest/realistic you are about everything - it's nice to not read something sugar coated as I'm sure it's not easy (which I'm about to find out very soon, hah). hope the doctors appointment goes well! :)

Mock family said...

Look how happy he looks!!! Good thing you put that crying photo or No one would believe you :)

C & F said...

Gosh you are becomming such a great photographer your pictures are so great..or is it because your subject is sooo cute =)

Chris said...

I think it's most useful to post the real deal, as I bet lots of moms find it very difficult and feel overwhelmed at times. I don't think it is at all a downer personally. Maybe you'll even get some tips from others with fussy buddos as well. He is so darn cute.

leah said...

Loved reading his update, and am glad that you went to the pediatrician just to make sure it wasn't anything that was causing him pain!

I'm glad you got some great advice from the lactation consultants too! Just remember to not get too caught up in the number of ounces you think he's getting. Emery was always eating on the lower side (3-4 ounces when other kids her age were up to 8!) and she was growing just fine, just like Max is!

He is so stinking cute! Love the smiling shot with his foot up in the air! You are doing a great job with him, Jen! Yes it's hard work but it's totally worth it!!

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