Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Max is Going to Be a Big Cousin!

I am SO excited to announce that my twin sister, Michelle and her husband James are going to have a baby!!
This photo says it all! We made her pose like this lol. She is 13 weeks pregnant and due November 19th!
 I will have her guest post soon to share details as it was a long road to a positive pregnancy test. 
 What is also so great is that Michelle was here on spring break when she found out! She thought she might be and was nervous to test so I went and purchased it for her. Of course we had to do 2 to make sure.
We made a celebratory dinner with ribs and we were the first to find out. She was headed home the next day to tell James in person. 
Look at how cute her baby already is. This was from her 9 week appointment. 
Within the next few days we had a video chat to tell mom. Max had the key role of wearing a onesie with a message on it.
This is what it said. 

She is excited to have another grand baby coming! 
Congrats again to Michelle and James!! 
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asj said...

how EXCITING! so happy for your sister and your family! :)

Cora & Frank said...

How wonderful...we are so happy for James and Michelle, Max will have a little playmate before you know it ;) =).

Linda said...

Wonderful that your twin could be with you when she confirmed that she was pregnant!! Those cousins will be so close and I'm sure there will be many fun times together in their future! Congratulations to Michelle!

leah said...

So excited for her and James!!

Chris said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the new guy/girl! :o)

Dan and Kacy said...

Such wonderful news! Love that first photo of Michelle :)

Jenny Nimmo said...

OH.MY.GOSH! I absolutely loved reading this entry in your blog, Jen! I love the first pic of Michelle posing, haha :) Such an amazing story behind her pregnancy and she is so deserving! And how awesome that she found out while she was with you! Thanks for sharing her exciting news :). And by the way, your blog is awesome!

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