Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hadley Emilia's Nursery

Michelle here again. Well some of you voted/expressed your opinion on baby girl Hadley Emilia's nursery look. The one that we chose/most of you voted for was the top contender all along, I just had second thoughts. I've been second guessing most EVERY decision I make from what food to order to wanting to return boots/shirts that I just buy. So we've ordered the crib bedding and I did my best to do a mock up, I wish I had programs to make it better (I've always wanted to be a graphic designer, I lack the talent but what can ya do). So here's what we've settled on. The bedding won't be in until after she's born, but we will be moving when she's about a month old (tops).

The yellow walls, pink and white bedding/room accents we are modeling it after
Picture of the bedding we are modeling Hadley's after but in our colors
my poorly done mock up, but you get the idea

So what do you think??
 I've made a bow holder that I'll post soon that I saw from pinterest (it's a nice white frame with pink ribbon). 
BIG SHOUT OUT to Jen, David, and Max who are going to our future town we're moving to this weekend! They are going house hunting for us..... good thing Jen and I think alike :) 
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Jen said...

I LOVE Your mock up. It's exquisite. I low everything about the room. I'm excited to go around Columbus. I love house hunting.

Chris said...

Coolio...lots of fun stuff and got your own house hunters!

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