Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NY Trip- Max Meets Grandma and Dad

We have been wanting to get Max up to NY for months now, but he we weren't ready for that adventure with a fussy boy.  We were so glad Max got to meet his grandpa and great grandma. My grandma doesn't see too well any more, but she lit up when she got to meet him. Max was very intrigued by her and kept trying to touch her face. I love that they all got to spend time with him. He is a joy to everyone. My dad has a ipad so we're going to be doing a lot more face time so they can watch and listen to him from afar.

 So sweet. I love this one although Max is trying to eat her. 
 They liked to bang the table together.
 Grandma and all her grandchildren and great grandchild. Max looks like he is picking his nose, but this is the best we could get with a baby who doesn't sit still. 

He loves his great grandma and so do we!
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Chris said...

Great pics! On that first one I was wondering why his lips look swollen, but it's his tongue! :p So funny, miss the buddo! :o)

leah said...

Goodness he is such a cutie! All these pictures are so sweet!

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