Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Fun in the Hay!

This past weekend we went to our nephew Ian's birthday party. They had a hay ride set up for all the kids.
Max didn't partake in that, but his cousin Kathleen took him over to the hay to play. He had fun touching, sitting and trying to eat the hay.
Just look at those precious eyes.
He is waving his hands so they are blurry.
Such a cutie pie.
Of course he also had fun playing with Kinsley. She was showing him how she stands up and holds on to just about everything! They are getting so big already. Max will be 9 months old tomorrow and soon Hadley will be here! We can't wait!! Head on over to her blog to vote for when you think Hadley will make her grand entrance and how much she will weigh!
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Mock family said...

such a cutie! can't wait to see him and y'all!

Chris said...

Good times! :o)

Anonymous said...

Kate is going 2 be so excited that she's on the blog w Max!! Love it - G

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