Thursday, November 1, 2012

Max's First Halloween!

Yesterday was Max's first halloween. Of course he wasn't interested in many of the halloween festivities but he was a good sport with dressing up.
He is used to wearing a jacket out when we go for walks and I'm glad his costume was basically a zip up hoodie with some extra padding and pants. He didn't mind having it on at all. It kept him nice and warm as we were having cool temperatures outside.
We decided to get together with cousin Kinsley to see her in her owl costume. She was adorable!
I just love his little faces he makes and he's still playing with his upper lips around his gums, but no teeth up top yet.
It was funny to watch them interact. As usual Max was trying to claw at her face.
Kinsley starting crawling towards Max but in her costume it looked like she was flying to attack him, so funny because you can't see her face.
We had fun eating chili, hanging out in the culdesac (in our hopefully future neighborhood) and catching up with everyone.
Handsome boy.
Kinsley and Ashley. She just loves her mama. Even if both kids are still saying dadada all day.  
They are both almost ready to stand up on their own. It won't be long now! It's so fun having them so close in age (2 weeks apart) and watching them grow.
Gigi loved hanging with Max in his costume. We went to a few houses to trick or treat, but mostly just to show off Max in his costume.
David and Max. Max was over the hood at this point.
Phone photo of me and Max
Fun trick or treating in the culdesac with the firepit. Can't wait till Max can walk to the doors himself next year.
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Jen S said...

What a sweet owl flying towards Max! Loving the new christmas layout.

Mock family said...

Max looks warm with his rosy cute cheeks! love all the costumes

Chris said...

He is just so freakin cute! Great faces and costume.

What is with the Xmas decor already? Day after Halloween is fair game now? I would have expected that from Jen S, but you too? ;) I'm cool with that though, it is coming up fast!

Mock family said...

GO CHRISTMAS! i'm all about it

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