Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Necessities 9-12 Months

Since Max is past his first birthday I thought it was time for 9-12 month baby necessities.  Of course these are only my opinion on what's worked best for us and things that Max has really enjoyed these past few months. In case you have littler ones be sure to check out 0-3 month necessities and 3-9 month necessities.
Activity Play Station- I did research on some toys for Max in this age range and I found that a lot of people recommended something like this.  My brother and Marla got Max this for Christmas and he LOVES it.  It did not disappoint. He enjoys pulling himself up on it, pressing all the buttons, dancing to the music and maneuvering around all the sides to check everything out. This is a must buy in my opinion and the price really isn't bad (you should also check consignments for this one).
Sippy Cups- Max has a variety of sippy cups that he uses every day.  One for smoothies (with a straw), one for almond/coconut milk (with a straw) and a water sippy.  I have been wanting to try the lola cup, but it keeps saying out of stock.  I do not have a magic sippy cup that will help your child magically drink from, but my best advice would just be to get a variety of kinds and offer them early on.  I think Max was drinking from a sippy at 8-9 months and using the straw by 10 months.  He just loved water and didn't care what he was using to get it out of.
Disposable table placemats- Whenever we go out to eat now we are ensured a messy table.  Max only eats if you let him feed himself with his fingers.  This requires us to put food down on the table (if we used a plate he would pick it up and fling it around).  This clear place mat has been great.  You peel the plastic to reveal the sticky part and stick it to the table.  It comes off very easily, too.  We've thought about putting one down on the floor because frankly half of Max's food ends up down there from him "feeding the dog" or saying he's done, but this would require a tarp size one.
Big Legos/Mega Blocks- Max is a stacker  He has been stacking dog cans for a few months now.  He has gotten as high as 4-5 cans, which is quite impressive in my opinion.  He is also pretty good at putting lego pieces together.  He has these mega blocks which are just big legos and are fantastic for him to play with.  They aren't choking hazards since they are so big and he is interested in all the colors and shapes.
Puzzles- These wooden puzzles are great for coordination and fine motor skill development.  They even have ones that have fuzzy animals so your baby can touch and feel as well.  Max likes to just stick them in his mouth usually and picks 1 shape (circle) to bang around, but he does get that one to go back in it's proper area.
Shoes- We've been trying to get Max to wear shoes for a little bit, but he just doesn't love them.  He's a tippy toe walker most times so we're trying to flatten him out.  He wants to walk/play outside, but he must keep his shoes on.  He's been rotating between his new Toms and we had a gymboree pair.  I just got him some cheap ones at walmart and of course he is really liking them (always the cheapies, which I shouldn't complain about). I would start around 11 months (or whenever your little one starts standing/walking) to get them used to having something heavier on their feet. I've heard good things about stride rite, but we tried some on and they just didn't seem like anything special.
Tooth brush- Our pediatrician recommends that we try and brush Max's teeth basically from the time they are fully in. We really don't use tooth paste (fluoride free) but we're trying to get him interested.  He likes to mimic me but he usually ends up brushing his tongue.
Ball popper toys- Max has really been loving these ball popper toys he has received for his birthday.  He loves putting the balls back in where they go and watching them come out.  His favorite is a hand-me-down toy from one of David's former co-workers.  It has a spot to insert the balls and then they go around a track while playing music. He's able to stand up and watch them go down. It's similar to the one I pictured.
Car wagon- This is also a must on my list.  Since the spring is coming and the weather will hopefully warm up soon, one of these is fun.  We've been using it in the house for a few months and have taken it on-road a few times.  Max loves to get in and hold the steering wheel. He would let you push him around for hours on end and just sit there.  It also has a fun beverage holder for adults that is essential for neighborhood evening strolls with a reeb (spelled backwards).
Pull Along Frog- Max has an obsession with pulling things on a rope, string, dog leash, child harness, whatever.  Don't ask about the harness, no we don't use one for Max (although...) but he found one somewhere in our house and won't put it down.  He wants us to throw it and pull it back in a fast motion.  He then will just walk around like he is pulling something.  If you try and take it away he gets very upset.  He got his fun froggie string toy at Christmas from my sister's sister-in-law and he loves dragging it around.
Bath toys- We put Max in the real bath tub around 9-10 months and he loves to just play in there.  Mom has gotten him some cool toys and he loves the strainer type ones where he can pick up water and it comes out little holes like a strainer.

That's all that I can think of from the top of my head.  If you have any other suggestions leave me a comment! Pin It


Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Avery is so afraid of her ball popper but I know she'll love it one day! She loves the play table, without the legs of course!

Katie said...

I have been searching for gifts for my guy's first birthday, thanks for the great advice!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

PFB loved her little push car thing. And actually she still wants to push it around and sit in it. It was a hand me down gift from a neighbor that I never expected to get so much use out of!

We love the disposable table placemats too and yes, still use them.

And unfortunately PFB's feet are so stinkin' skinny like the rest of her that stride rite shoes are the only ones that don't fall off her feet!! I hate the price tag. Hence, she only has 1 pair at a time... Be thankful for your walmart ones :)

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