Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters: Max Thinks He's a Doggie

Dear Weekend, These are the things that MUST be done this weekend: Taxes, pedicures, learn how to use our new embroidery machine, cleaning, David's emissions, grocery shopping, church stuff and of course playing with our Buddy. Good thing it's not warm this weekend because most of my activities are indoor. Dear Max, I'm so glad you're rash is just about gone.  Dear Work, Only 3 more working days left at this job! Wohoo. I am ready for the next chapter.  Dear Next Wednesday, Let's get here soon so we can go visit my sister and family for a long weekend! We have a fun trip to a well known fabric warehouse planned so we are excited for that, too! Dear Bloglovin, I have been resisting using you, but my google reader button is gone so I was forced.  It took me a minute to figure out how, but I have to say I am converted. The app is also fantastic for reading on the phone. Make sure you import your blogs from google reader, it's very simple.
Have I mentioned that Max really thinks he's a dog.  He watches us put the collar and leash on Molly so he found this piece of ribbon and brings it to us until we wrap it around him and "take him for a walk." He then proceeds to go to the back door so we can "let him out" like we do for the dog. It really is quite hilarious. Photobucket
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Jen S said...

Oh my gosh Max is too funny!

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