Monday, August 19, 2013

Leah & Emery Visit & Kiddo Fun

David and I went to Dahlonega on Saturday/night and had a great time visiting the local vineyards. I'll post on that this week.
Last week we got to see Leah and Emery while they were in town.  They came over for a dinner and a quick visit. She's never seen our new house so I'm glad they were able to come. Kyle worked late so we missed seeing him. Emery is just a doll and plays so nicely. Max had issues sharing as usual, but hopefully one day he can be as good as her!
I showed you a few videos of Max hanging and swinging on everything. I captured a few photos of him doing it so you can see. 
Luckily Kinsley isn't that influenced by Max's crazy behavior. She is by far the calmer one. 
He is such a little show off. 
Picture from SNL "Look what I can do."
While I had my camera out I thought I'd show you a normal evening when I get home with Kinsley and Max. I told Max to give her a kiss (I told her to kiss Max), but it's definitely one sided. 
Here Kinsley looks like a zombie! 
I think Max got mad Kinsley stole a toy. You can see the fun they've already had in the living room. 
Finally playing like good little children :) 
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Mock family said...

That zombie photo is hilarious as well as max swinging

Jen S said...

Kinsley has beautiful eyes!

Chris said...

Haha, that Zombie one is hilarious...was she doing it on purpose or just caught her at the right moment?

leah said...

So great seeing y'all!

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