Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Visiting baby Levi & Halloween Goodies

Saturday Max, Mom and I went over to visit my friend, Brooke and see her adorable new baby boy.  He was so alert and content. Madeline is such a good big sister and kept talking about Levi.  
Of course Levi needed a few goodies just for entering the world.  I monogrammed a terry cloth bib. 
I also thought he needed a shirt for fall/halloween so I embroidered a Frankenstein pumpkin for him.
Speaking of Halloween/Fall I made Max a trick or treat bag that he can use this Halloween!  Mom got the great idea of adding orange ricrac to the top so I'll show you once that is completed.
We are offering these bags for sale with any of the designs you see around the bag.  Just let me know by September 1st so I can put an order in for the bags. 
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