Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bad to the Bones-Skeleton PJ Cuteness

Auntie Michelle bought Max and Hadley matching pajamas for Halloween. Of course that meant we had to have a photo shoot to capture how adorable they are!
Max was really interested in Hadley's pony tail.
I just so happened to catch little Miss. Hadley standing ON HER OWN! She's getting so big!
So precious. Here are a few individual shots before their partnership debut.
Happy girl!
Hadley only would clap during the pictures so we got Max to join in.
Sweet cousins.
They were pretty interested in what was actually on their pajamas. Max kept touching his arms and Hadley wanted to see Max's pjs. What they didn't realize was that the PJ's are glow in the dark! Even at bedtime, they weren't distracted (which was a good thing).
I told Max to lay down so I could see his whole outfit and he participated nicely. Don't mind the toys in the background. It's just how we/they roll. Last shot before Hadley quit on the photo shoot.
"We said we were DONE!"
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Mock family said...

Excellent photo shoot

Rebecca said...

Omg...too cute!

Chris said...

Deja vu! Just saw Shell's blog post. Super fun.

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