Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cousin Time in Mississippi!

The first part of our long labor day weekend was spent with Auntie Michelle, Uncle James and Hadley. Max had a lot of fun playing with Hadley and all her toys.
One of his favorites was her new slide that he was able to climb up the steps himself and slide down. It was the perfect size! 
My sweet princess Hadley is just so cute! 
We took the kids for walks in their double jogging type stroller. Max and Hadley were holding hands! 
Of course Max was obsessed with Bella still and enjoyed petting her. 
We took the kids to the spray water park to play in the water. 
Hadley just loves the water, wait till she can run around, there will be no stopping her!
Max was a bit hesitant but did pretty good at running fast through the water. 

So fun gals!

 Now that Hadley is a big girl and can sit by herself in the tub, we had to take bathtub pictures that we can show them when they are older!
They are just so darling. Love our babies!
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Mock family said...

great photo recap, it sure does look like we had lots of fun!! :)

Chris said...

The first tub photo is so funny, same exact smile. I think that will be one similar to the famous one with you guys all on the potty. :p

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