Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life Lately

I promise we have been doing things, they just don't seem like enough for 1 post each so I will do a combo to update you on some latest happenings!
My friend, Jen is the best! Her whole family is the most kind, caring, fun people you've ever met. She sent me and my sister the best donuts EVER on her latest trip to NY. They're from Herman's farm market that is on the end of our street growing up. Let's not get started about how many great farm markets, food and grocery stores are up north.  Max is trying them for the first time! He loved them.
 It's hard to tell, but he has one in his hand. He also needed a haircut (which he got, see photo below). THANK YOU JEN!!
We've also been cooking a lot of yummy things. One being this great salad, made out of all cabbage (it really tastes so good). It's called Chinese Chicken Salad. This is a great party salad, side dish or main meal. 
I love salads, I am usually hungry 10 mins after eating one, but I would probably choose a salad over a dessert (I know, I'm weird).  I was so proud the other day. We were having a salad and I normally just don't give Max the lettuce and just take out whatever is in there for him to eat. Well, he reached over and started eating the lettuce! He loves salad, definitely my boy.
New haircut boy. Bad pic, I know. 
Our house is slowly becoming festive for the holidays. Our tree is up and mostly decorated. I'm going back in and putting some deco mesh in and also some frilly do dats. My sister picked up this free wreath last year outside of the antique shop next to hobby lobby. They said Free on a sign and this was the only one they could fit in the car. We stripped it of some bows and my mom WENT TO TOWN on it with some decor from hobby lobby. She put a TON of lights on it and just look at the fun things on the wreath. We intended for it to go outside (we have another wreath similar in size we got on clearance from Sams last year) to go with it, but I love it so much I might keep it inside. The only problem is that I have no clue where to put it. It takes up the whole dining room table. I just love it.
So I decided to host a Christmas cookie exchange this year.  It will take place next Saturday and I'm excited. It's not a baking party, it's where people come with already baked cookies. Here is the gist of it: You bake 6 dozen cookies, 1 dozen will be on display for people to eat that night. The other 5 dozen are packaged in groups of 6 cookies. Then everyone goes around the room and selects a stack of 6 cookies (prepacked) and it keeps going until we run out. So depending on the amount of people we have coming everyone will have almost as many as they brought to take home of different varieties!  We just have a LOT to get done before then. Did I mention that we haven't taken our Christmas card photo yet... I have an idea, but lighting sucks in our house and I should have booked a mini-session with someone, but I did not so we will make do at some point.
Like I said, holidays are in full swing. I had my first party this past Monday for an ornament exchange. It was in the neighborhood and was really fun. I had a pretty good middle number so was able to steal the ornament on the left and it was frozen after I stole it so it was mine! Mom got this cute one on the right, which they both match my lime green and red tree so I was happy!
Since Max has been with my sister this week (he comes home today!!) they've been in charge of our elf. She sent me this photo of him being naughty drinking out of a shot glass. They've having a lot of fun with it and Max loves to find him in the morning. They moved him down to hang with the motorcycle man after this photo, but I thought it was funny. Last night I had the WHOLE house to myself (well Molly was there). This was the first time in I think 2 years that has happened. I made hamburger helper lasagna (yep, no shame), decorated the tree, did some stuff on my laptop, watched some TV and had a great time. I am ready for my buddy to be home though. THANKS to my sister and James!!!! So that's about it for now. I hope to show some holiday decor pics once we finish (hopefully this weekend).
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Jen S said...

Wow, Ginny did a great job on that wreath! Too funny with the elf and the shot glass.

Mock family said...

I guess now that my buddy's gone I need to get a blog post up
That wreath is amazing! Go mom and me!

Sara McCarty said...

I can't believe your child eats lettuce (yes, that's taking away from this entire post). :) Love the cookie and ornament exchange ideas! Now I want cookies.

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