Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Early Weeks

Thank you all for your well wishes on our baby #2 announcement on instagram, facebook and here. We are very excited. I need to catch you up on the latest details regarding pregnancy #2. I am starting the posts later this time around since the holidays crept up and I was trying to get that cute jammie photo announcement ready. The 2nd child syndrome of not being as detailed and more carefree has definitely taken affect (sorry baby #2).  Sunday into Monday I was hit with the most HORRIBLE stomach bug I've ever had. I was throwing up 2-3 times an hour for 9 hours straight. I am so glad that's over. I said I wasn't thrilled to go back to work, but I would have rather done that than be sick like I was.  I started keeping a little record of the early weeks I wanted to post. Of course somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas I took a little time off, but I still wanted to have record of this.

October 10th Week 4: We had only been trying for a few months and I would swear I was getting cramps and even took Advil in anticipation. When AF didn't come the next 2 days I figured I better take a test before the weekend so I would know if I should/could drink. Low and behold 2 lines appeared almost instantaneous. And so our journey with baby #2 begins.

Week 5: I knew my potential sick free days were limited based on pregnancy #1 but was hopeful this pregnancy would be different. I started a gentle prenatal vitamin this week and the day after I had to leave work at lunch and threw up in the car (luckily I had a bag). I contined to throw up 4 more times at home eating nothing. Well of course I think it had to be the new pills and maybe I should have introduced them slower. I resorted back to flinstones as I did with #1 with no relief. First Doctor appt scheduled for Nov.12. 

Week 6: I had to travel to work this week to Destin, FL and although I was looking forward to seeing work people I was also nervous because I require food every 2-3 hours or I won't make it. I'm so thankful David came with me to make sure I got the food I needed. I even tried no vitamins and still felt bad. The best way to explain it is a reallllly bad hangover that doesn't go away all day. The mornings being the worse before you get food, but you don't wanna eat. Everyone was partying and drinking all week and I had to make excuses and be the party pooper but what can ya do. The good thing about an all day hangover is even the sight of drinks makes you ill so no temptation for me. Let's hope this sickness lasts shorter than last time (it was 17 weeks).

Week 7: Pretty much the same morning/all day sickness. I am eating a TON I feel like but it doesn't satisfy my stomach. My stomach seems to be growing faster, well it's just the uterus growing). By the end of the night after dinner, and sometimes when I wear my tighter pants, I have to unbutton.  My friend, Leah texted me and said she had a very realistic dream that I was pregnant with TWINS. It was so bizarre because I haven't talked to Leah in a while and she had NO clue I was pregnant. She has this intuition, I tell ya. Last pregnancy she got me to spill the beans to her around this same time. She's good.

Week 8: I am getting these weird hives/rash on my forehands/arms. I thought it was an allergic reaction to my sweatshirt I had on, like my sleeve was making me itch. It came back the next day when I touched my hand and itched for a second. That was short lived.

Week 9- Here's a quick selfie of the little belly to start off our posts.Yep, I look and feel glorious. Get used to it.

Week 12-
Same ole sickness just trying to make it through. 
Week 13

Don't let the polished look fool you, I was still not feeling well. Just had a holiday gathering to go to. The Christmas time was a good distraction with getting ready for parties, guests, and Christmas in general.

You really can't tell I'm pregnant yet. I was eager to the get a belly the first time, but I saw how quickly it progressed so I'm okay with not having one yet. Weekly surveys will begin with week 16 tomorrow. Oh, I'm going to add another poll to the side bar like last time for the gender! We find out January 16th so make sure to put your votes in!
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Dan and Kacy said...
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Dan and Kacy said...

Happy New Year & Congratulations again! Glad you will be posting updates along the way like last time! :)

leah said...

I am SO SO happy for you and I tell you what I do have intuition when it comes to your pregnancies!! Excited to read along and hope you begin to feel better soon. Can't wait to hear what you are having-- I think my vote is BOY!

Linda said...

Your little belly is so cute! Congratulations again on baby #2!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finding out you are having a girl! Love you all, Aunt Linda

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