Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colette is 1 Month Old

Our sweet little Colette is over 1 month old now, but I am just now getting to post her updates.
She looks so big already and rightly so, check out her stats! 
Height: 21 1/2" (63%)
Weight: 9 lb 11.5 oz (64%)
Head Circumference: 14 3/4 (58%)
She was pretty much eating around the clock every 3 hours sometimes less during the day. She went back to sleep pretty easily after the nighttime feedings. She definitely woke up more after the initial 2 week sleepy period, but still is a great day napper.
She looks tinier here.
Here she is on her way to the pediatrician for her doctors appt.  
She did a great job except for the shot, my poor little one! 
She is starting to get more expressive with her faces and noises. 
She's even let out a few giggles.
I love how little she looks with David here. This was a few nights after we got home from the hospital. Sweet girl.
Tongue face! 
She is such a great eater. Very efficient. It only takes about 10 mins per side a HUGE difference than the first kiddo. I know what I'm doing and she adapts well. No clogged ducts or anything like that. I am really enjoying it.

She naps in this little pack and play cuddler, swing or on one of us. 
She usually makes this O face when she poops! 
She's pretty gassy in the early morning hours between 4-6am. We're going to try probiotics as a recommendation by Leah (thanks!), pediatrician approved.
Early days, family nap (we just set her there, not really napped like this, well Max and I did). 
When she's tired she is tired! 
David's family nap time.
Max has really enjoyed playing with Colette on her play mat! 
She does great with her tummy time and really doesn't mind at all. 
I've used this ring sling a bunch for outings or around the house when I need my hands.
She is pretty and content in the bath. We started giving her one every night a little after a month to get her used to a routine/bed time.
Love my cuddle bugs. 
Official one month photos. 
Yo, one second mom.  Thought I would try out a chalk board. I don't like it so will be doing stickers again probably. 
my little chunky monkey. 

Happy smile 
Her eyes are still the gray/blue right now. Time will tell if she will turn to brown like her mama or blue like her big bro! 
So big! 
Miscellaneous: She's in newborn clothes and diapers, but very shortly we have switched out of them. Pin It


the girl in the red shoes said...

Awww happy one month sweet girl!

Jen S said...

She's so cute! Haha she likes gassing. Too funny!

Mock family said...

1. You're going to look back on that pic with max and say "she wasn't a month old at Christmas :)" 2. I like the chalkboard!

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