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Colette's Birth Story

I am finally now getting around to typing this out. I kept notes on my phone so I wouldn't forget anything. I love reading these and looking back so here we go!

Since I had a C-section with Max because he was breech my doctor office makes me schedule a c-section for my 2nd birth even though they fully support doing VBAC's (vaginal birth after cesarean).  I scheduled that for Friday the 13th when I would be 39 weeks and 4 days. I had Max the night before I turned 39 weeks so I was hoping I would go early with this one as well. It was stressing me out thinking about it, but I didn't have to freak out too bad as I went earlier than that! These 2 births and stories couldn't be more different. With Max my water broke the night before our c-section and with Colette I had no water break at all.
Here we go!
I was planning on working at least through the 6th but was hoping to work till the 11th, a few days before the c-section all the while hoping I'd go into labor shortly after my 2pm pedicure appointment on Saturday the 7th. Let's go back to Thursday the 5th. That night while I was in bed I started feeling period type cramps. They were painful, but dull and I finally was able to sleep through them at 2am. I just chalked them off to braxton hicks.
Friday the 6th- I had a doctor appointment that morning and she said it was probably braxton hicks. I was 1 cm (not that it means anything really). I asked her about stripping my membranes (a process where they separate the bag of water from your uterus releasing hormones and it could lead to starting labor). She said she'd rather wait till my next appointment on the 11th. I agreed as I wasn't looking forward to the cramping that would probably occur the rest of the day. Well I went to work that day trying to finish things up as I had a feeling I wasn't going to be back the next week. I had what I thought were braxton hicks all day at work. Some painful, but still workable. I was fine until they happened and then it was intense and short lived. It was a good distraction at work, but I hauled out of there by 4/4:30 (didn't want to get stuck in traffic). We met some friends at the pool (Hi Windy!) that night and I thought I was feeling fine, but towards 8pm I was very uncomfortable. The contractions started hurting pretty bad although I kept calling them BH. All our neighbors were out hanging by the pool so they were pretty surprised to hear that we had the baby the next day. We left shortly after and put Max to bed. Friday night was ROUGH to say the least. I took a bath that night hoping to stop the BH and just relax my body so I could go to sleep. Well that did not work, nothing did. I spent the whole night hunched over the bathroom counter or on the toilet (sorry TMI) with contractions about every 5-7 minutes and no possible way to sleep them off. I used a timer to track them and they were not constant or getting closer so I didn't really think they were the real deal.  I have never been so happy to see 6am. I decided to take another shower so I could do my hair. I was really hoping they would subside so I could get to my 2pm nail appt.
After epidural selfie- can you tell we got bored. 
Saturday the 7th- Once I finally woke David up (he kinda heard me throughout the night but I didn't want to freak him out) he was concerned how I was acting. He said that he didn't think I was in labor, but he wanted to know what was wrong with me lol. I called the DR office number and Jodi the midwife called me back. She said wait for them to be a little more constant and come to the hospital to get checked out.  David said it was time to go because I kept bending over the kitchen counter and couldn't eat or do anything. We called the midwife and headed in. We got there around 8:30-9am. The hospital is normally 40ish mins with no traffic, but David definitely got us there in only 20ish. There was no one at the counter for check-in and we pre-registered so we were taken back fairly quickly. They did a TON of paper work and acted like we were being admitted and I just wanted them to check and see if I was in labor. Finally when my midwife came, she checked me and said I was a 2-3 and definitely was in labor and wouldn't be going anywhere.  David was surprised and I was pissed I would miss my pedicure appointment and I didn't stop to eat anything. I knew we were staying though but was a little disappointed in my whole night of contractions to only be 2-3 cm. I knew it was going to be a long day! Jodi highly recommended I get an enema to clean me out and I was hesitant, but obliged (sorry TMI). That was not very fun as you can imagine, but it did work for the rest of the day. I did not feel like I had to go to the bathroom at all after that. I walked around the room, used a birthing ball (not really sure what I was suppose to do on it but it passed some time). She said to try to hold out till I was a solid 4 before getting the epidural. I held out till around 1pm without getting checked and I was hoping I progressed more and I did get to a 4, but that was it. I decided that since it already took me 4 hours to get only 1 cm that I mine as well get the epidural soon so I could rest/sleep since I really haven't had any the past nights. Around 2pm I had my epidural and I was stuck in bed. You have to stay on your sides and we rotated positions every 45 mins. Jodi kept saying how low she was and how great she was positioned so I felt positive about the whole thing.
Yep no food for 24 hours makes for a happy girl with ice chips. They were the best kind though.
I didn't get checked that often, but I was very slowly progressing, even more so because the epidural (which I knew would happen). Jodi wanted to do pitocin, but Dr. Parker said she'd rather not risk anything with my past c-section. I was a little discouraged, but agreed with her. The ice chips were amazing as that was all I could eat. David gave me sips of juice he got, but don't tell. Around 8-9pm She checked me again and I was only a 7. She mentioned the c word (c-section) if I wasn't progressing in a little bit. I didn't want to hear that, after this long day I had. She said she had to go deliver the baby next door and she'd be back around 10 to check me again and to think happy cervix opening thoughts. And that I did! She came back around 10:30 and I was a 10 and ready to go!! I was so happy!
She wanted to turn down my epidural and wait a little, but as soon as I sat up (not on my side) it started wearing off so I advised the nurse not to turn anything down (she agreed). I still had to wait and that was so annoying to me. But by around 11 it was time to go. Jodi kept saying how low she was in great position so I guess I was hoping the baby would just fall out in one or 2 pushes haha. I guess I pushed for around 30-40 mins and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be and did hurt a good bit, but not intolerable (thanks epidural). It was David and Jodi (the midwife) who delivered the baby basically. The other nurse(s) didn't do anything besides hang out with me and see if I needed stuff. David was a great coach/doctor assistant. She was born at 11:38pm. I guess my kids are night owls (guess that's why they don't sleep) as Max was born in the 11 o'clock hour as well! She came out and was placed on my chest.
David was able to cut the cord and Jodi and David had a medical lesson on the placenta (pictures and all-I'll spare you those). We did have the best nurses (I really can't say enough about the north side staff-top notch) and mine brought me a turkey sandwich (even though the kitchen was closed) with yogurt and lots of juice. I was STARVING and scarfed it down within 10 mins of giving birth. A few other tidbits in case you wondered. I did use a mirror to watch the birth. It was kinda like I was in my own tv show/movie. I felt out of body at one point like I was in the room, but the noises were dull in my head but I could tell it was loud in the room with everyone telling me to push and all that (hard to explain). I got up and walked to the bathroom within 30 mins-1 hr (I mean compared to like day 2 of the c-section I was amazed and they were impressed because of the epidural (I told them it wore off). We stayed in the delivery room for almost 2 hours while she was evaluated and got a bath. I was able to breastfeed right away (she was such a good eater and latcher from the beginning) before they did all that and after. They were awesome about all that.
Always have to capture the first meconium dirty diaper for daddy! 
I was so glad to have experienced this type of birth as well as my c-section. There is nothing wrong with double c-sections or whatever you need to have to keep you and baby safe, but for me it made sense to try. So glad our precious little Colette is here! Pin It

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leah said...

Yeah loved reading Colette's birth story! Isn't it so crazy how your two labor experiences can be so different?! That was a long day of waiting for you but I'm thankful the epidural worked (for the most part) and that you and David got to experience him being the coach during the pushing part-- it's just so special. Thankful for a beautiful, healthy baby girl-- good job Momma!!

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