Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Colette is 8 Months!

Our sweet girl is 8 months old! Well she is almost 9 months old, but let's go back a few weeks. 
No stats as she doesn't go back to the doctor till 9 months
New Developments- And she's off! She has started crawling right at 8 months and now speed crawls. She also pulls up on everything. This is more the middle/end of 8 months closer to 9 months.
She says mama finally and dada still a lot. Not really in context just in general when she "talks"
I just can't get enough of her happy laughs and faces!! 
She loves sticking out her tongue and blowing raspberries. 
Eating- She is smiley and happy girl unless she's hungry and baby girl is getting an appetite. We started just giving her whatever we're having in small bites. She has mastered her pincher fingers. Her favorites are cheerios, bananas, blueberries, ground beef, black beans, and carrots. She also can down a pouch and drink from a straw.  I pump twice a day at work (11am and 3pm) and sometimes Colette eats an extra bottle of formula if she doesn't sleep a lot and wants food.
She goes to bed at 7:30pm and thanks to sleep training round 2 she now stays in her crib all night. She may wake a time or two and cry, but it's more of a little whine until she can find her paci. Speaking of paci, she can also grab her paci without any fingers out and insert in her mouth middle of night. We recently had to lower her crib to lowest setting (we had it in the middle setting), but she tries to stand (even in the sleep sack with no arms out). She gets up around 6-6:30am (sometimes 7). She naps twice a day around 10am and 2pm.

Enjoying some outside time in the car.
Why so serious lol! She was petting Molly. 
Our little angry bird "talking" to us.
My little Valentine in her outfit. She's also started clapping (maybe signally more). This is closer to 9 months but still wanted to document.

Randoms- She is well into the 9 month clothes and is now past it to 12 month clothes. She has some dry skin on cheeks and bad cradle cap still.
Size 3 diapers. Just check out her stylish outfit. We've busted out the new 12 month bin from cousin Hadley and are making sure to wear everything before she outgrows them.
My lil brown eyed girl.
One final note. She has finally moved on from the baby bath tub and has joined her big brother for dual baths! Wohoo!! She gets a little crazy with the splashing and excitement, but it's been great. Big brother Max is still her biggest fan and vice versa. He's so great at making sure to give her an appropriate toy to play with. Love them both so much! Stop getting so big Colette! Pin It


Mock family said...

She's just adorable!! Love all the photos

Chris said...

Such a big happy little girl. Happy almost 9 months Colette!

Sara McCarty said...

Good gracious, she's so grown up! Mim's barely just sitting up by herself these days. How does this all happen so quickly? I just think she's adorable. I love her outfits too! The fur vest? Get out of here!

"B" said...

What a cutie! Happy 8, 9 and probably close to 10 now too;) My youngest just turned one and I am pretty sure she was JUST born!

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