Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Colette is 9 Months!

This little beauty is 9 months old already!
Official Stats-
Height: 28 1/2" (77%)
Weight: 18 lbs 1 oz (34%)
HC: 17 1/2" (61%)
I thought we'd start with some month 9 action shots. Here is Gigi with 2 of her grand babies for her birthday.
Colette also had an ear infection the 2nd week in march probably from a cold she had. Here you can see her poor runny nose that just seemed to never end.
Happier times were ahead with playtime with brother Max in the downstairs playroom.
Colette's craddle cap was so bad we had to put a hat on she couldn't get off because she would claw her head making it bleed. We are really actively trying to get rid of it with Ava Anderson shampoo/wash and their diaper cream. I really have to use a comb and work diligently on it. I want to try to get rid of it before her hair really starts growing or else it will just be covered up.
New Developments- She loves her tongue and sticks it out while saying la la la.
She loves being a part of the action. Story time for brother (not sure why Colette wasn't in bed already, maybe she napped late). Yes Max has a tape measure in bed. Who knows. David wasn't thrilled I was taking his picture.
It's been so fun to see them start to interact more. Max is usually very patient with her unless she steals his superhero toys or shoot gun.
We were teased with warm weather, then it got cooler and now it'll be warm for a while so we can't wait for these cute dress type outfits. This was from St. Patricks Day (and her dr. appt).
Easter preview pic. I took some eggs out so I could get some ready for Max's class and she has loved her some eggs. I mean seriously, she plays with them for hours sometimes.
Max was my helper for photos and although he wasn't the best of helpers (he just wanted to take pictures... blurry ones) it was kinda fun to see myself in a few so good job buddy!

Her top gums are pretty swollen and she is working on getting those top 2 teeth in. She has become a bit cranky and is waking up once a night possibly from her teeth.
Eating- She is still eating about every 4 hours and 4 ounces each time of breast milk. We haven't had to use formula as she keeps spacing out her eating (and napping longer) so she's been satisfied. She went through a time during her antibiotics when she stopped wanting table food except cheerios. We had to bust out more pureed baby foods again. She is slowly becoming more interested again. I still put out little pieces of whatever we are having. She does love bread and most fruit.
Sleeping- She naps twice a day around 10am and 2pm for an hour to 2 at a time. Loving her longer stints. She goes down pretty easily and will settle herself with her pacci. She goes to bed around 7:30/8pm and gets up around 6:30/7am. On a good night she doesn't wake up at all or will settle quickly with her pacci. Lately she has been screaming around 11-12am and is really angry so I'll go in and feed her and she's good for the night. Babies don't keep and she's just too cute to ignore.
Randoms- She is wearing 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers. She still gets dry eczema patches on her cheeks and body. She loves dogs. She "talks" to them when we are out and about.
Thanks to Max for my photo with Colette. Had to duck down but I'll take it.

Her wubbanub pacci. She only uses it in the car or at nap time. I do put 2 in her crib at night for the best case scenario of her finding it easily :)

She is getting so much hair. I am starting to freak out that she is almost 1! I just can't handle it!
I was telling Max to help entertain Colette and this is what I got.

I'll leave you with a few Max photos. Not bad Bud.
I was trying to clean up and I see him trying to take selfies of himself. haha
Silly boy. Never a dull moment with these two! Hopefully I'll be back soon with her 10 month update, if I'm not too busy crying about how big she is getting. Pin It


Jen S said...

Can't wait for Michael and Max to play together next month and to finally meet Coco!

Anonymous said...

I never comment but I'm a new mom who recently battled my 3 month old daughter's cradle cap and won!I went searching for remedies and found one that worked in like a 7-10 days. You put baby oil (coconut oil may work as well) on her scalp for a hour and than thoroughly wash it out. Depending on how severe, you can do this up to 2x a day. Once seem to work for us. It is practically gone. Hope this helps!

Chris said...

Wow, she sure does look older, especially in that first pic! Quit growing big girl! :o)

Mock family said...

Man I miss those cute kiddos! She's kidt too precious!! She looks ginormous

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