Friday, April 17, 2015

Colette is 10 Months Old!

This adorable gal is 10 months old! No stats as we had them last month.
You will notice a trend in her faces during this photo shoot. She is a happy girl for sure!

New Developments- She is just standing away and cruising the furniture. She can almost balance standing up.
Her top 2 teeth have just pushed through as you can see. I don't know why she let me do this, but it was short lived!

She is still very talkative and becomes an angry bird if you don't feed her nonstop.

Eating- She is eating at 7am, 11am, 3-4pm and 7:30pm with breast milk (the middle 2 being bottles). She is finally back to eating finger foods. We hardly have to give purees if we have enough real people food to go around. There really isn't anything she won't eat right now so I am thankful for that. Her pincher fingers are so funny to watch.
I finally got smart and realized the pictures come out way better if the light is behind you. What a doll.
Sleeping- She is doing great with sleeping most the time. She naps twice a day for 1-2hours each time. She goes to bed around 7:30/8pm and on a good night doesn't wake until the morning. Even the bad nights are good with her waking up once (at random times) and then going right back down. She sometimes wakes up around 6am and if she finds her pacci he will just roll around until I get her by 7am.
Look at that face. That is pure excitement and joy. Doesn't get better than that!
She is growing so much hair! I had to show you without the bow. The cradle cap is now hidden but still there a little bit. It doesn't bother her and I keep picking at it.

"I peeled my sticker off and I'm about to eat it" Yes outlet covers were put on just after I realized we had an open one.
Told ya about the mouth open photos.
She's getting so big. Slow down time.

Here is some every day action shots of our sweet girl. One of her first swinging excursions. She loved it.

Fluffy hair don't care!
Colette just adores her big brother.
He is very tolerant of her and tries to include her most times.

They are precious opposites. Brown hair/brown eyes, blonde hair/blue eyes. We'll see if Coco's hair stays straight. I think it will curl like cousin Hadley because of the consistency of it.
First cart ride ( I think this was from last month but forgot to post those or maybe I did)

Who says we need an actual double stroller.
We had a closet picnic the other day in our guest bedroom small closet. Fun was had by all.
They also spent time watching the AT&T workers put some new lines in our yard from Molly's dog bed.
A bubble romper. Need I say more.
Sun hats!
Can you tell I went to Old Navy.
She was going after Max and then all the sudden grabbed the gate to stand up. I swear she was about to walk off. I had to hold her down until Michelle got back so we'll be practicing now since Michelle has returned!
I found a Georgia Southern onesie that fit and put Coco in it to show her spirit for the college nationals going on that day. She must have been good luck as the all girl team took first!
I didn't have a coordinated color bow so I just grabbed the biggest one. She's like are you serious.
First double stroller experience with her adorable outfit. Max's post is coming next week so you can see what he's been up to since this has been all about sister. Pin It


Chris said...

She is such a happy/pretty girl! I got to FT right at the time to wake her up. She didn't like the light going on but after that she was so happy to see me and make faces. Love when she goes back and forth with her tongue and makes bledle bledle noises. Excited to see here and the crew in 2 weeks!

Mock family said...

She really is so happy! I'm glad she gets to spend time with her second mother now :) hadley and I are crossing our fingers for curly hair!

Sara McCarty said...

I love her! She is the cutest thing ever! I am also so impressed (and jealous) of how wonderful Max is with her! They are the cutest duo ever!

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