Thursday, April 16, 2015

Max's Latest Happenings

Max has been a busy boy these last few months so I thought I'd do a recap. He is a little over 3 years and 2 months old just for reference.
Spring break was a few weeks ago and Max was lucky enough to be asked to join his best buddy Chase and his parents for a Lego Land adventure!
This was our first time letting anyone take Max on an outing without us! I was a little nervous he wouldn't want to go with them since he can be shy, but he took to it right away! Max and Chase above.
I love how chill Andrew looks here. Always going with the flow as 2nd siblings have to do.

Windy did say that they have a separate area for 2-5 year olds so they stayed in that part.

Max couldn't stop talking about the tower he and Chase built.
Love their teamwork although it looks like Max is bossing orders to Chase. He takes his tower building seriously.

Later that same spring break week Windy and Chris picked up Max again and took him to the playground! I guess I should mention that Chris is a HS teacher and Windy took the week off.
Max is always interested in having a snack so they took a break. I love that Windy sent me all these pics as they were happening so I could live vicariously through her while I was stuck at work.

They look like they enjoyed themselves immensely!

Caught! I always tell him not to climb the slide.
Here are some other photos from the past few months. I also wanted to jot down some silly things he says so I don't forget them.
Build and grow monster truck building with Chase.
Max also got to go to the safety expo with David for his work on St. Patricks day. He loved riding the train and hanging out with cousin Ian.
Mommy, Max porch weather selfie.
Me- "Max, you can stay for a few minutes."
Max- "No, I'm going to stay for a lotta minutes."
Max has is almost done with his refresher course swim lessons and has done a great job! He is definitely pool ready!
Max bit his tongue a little while ago and it looked like a small piece came off.
Max- "I can't find it anywhere. I need a flash light. Maybe I can find it in the morning and then I'll tape it back on. Or glue it." Hey it was better than the alternative of him thinking he ate it. 
His response to me asking him to pick up his toys. Max- "I pick up toys at school, I don't want to at home."
He is very into ninja turtles, weapons, shields or anything to fight with.
Max- "Where are you? I'm pooping" He likes an audience while he goes to the bathroom. He usually wants us to make funny faces or do magic tricks (I guess David does that with him).
Max- "You can't go feed the baby because Daddy isn't watching me" haha isn't that the truth Max. Thanks for telling me :)

We had a picnic lunch at his school for the Easter egg hunt and he loved having me there.
Sometimes I facetime with Max after swim lessons or something exciting happens while I am at work. I love it.
Cuddle time.

He is so great at the dentist now. He knows what he comes away with (new tooth brush, balloon and special toy). He recently lost a bouncy ball he got there last time so he knew exactly what he wanted to get. Eye on the prize!

My little ninja turtle!

The first thing he says when he sees Noah outside is "Noah, get the weapons." We recently purchased his own shell and weapons as a reward for finishing swim lessons so great. Now he doesn't have to bother Noah and can play with his cousin and friends. Pin It

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