Monday, September 28, 2015

Colette is 15 Months Old!

This precious girl is 15 months old! Sorry about the blogging hiatus I have some posts I need to catch up on from the summer so let's get started! 
Weight- 21.25lbs (23%)
Height- 30.5 (51%)
HC- 17.5 (13%)
New Developments- She is a busy little girl! She is walking, running, climbing on everything. She says hi, bye bye (waves), ba(for ball or balloon), Mama, Dada, and Gigi. 
She can point to her body parts if you ask her to and she understands anything you ask her. She is a smart little cookie. She loves baby dolls-feeding them, holding them, putting them in their carriers. Hadley has taught her well.
Sleeping- It's hard keeping up with your brother's preschool schedule when you just need a little nap. She is still napping twice a day. Once at 10am and the afternoon at 3pm. This is working right now because they can car pool drop off then come back to nap and when Max gets home from school they can both nap in the afternoon. She can make it without a morning one, but will end up like the above photo at some point. She loves to sleep and can nap for about 1.5 hours on average each nap.
Over the summer Colette started having a snack and reading books with Max at bedtime. She started out the summer going to bed at 7:30pm and has inched her way up to about 8:30pm. It's awesome having them both in the same place instead of tag teaming it.
Eating- As you can see she is my child. She loves olives. She has become picky already. If she doesn't like something she will just throw it off her tray or at a restaurant. I was reminded recently why we don't frequent those establishments. Her favorite foods are fruit, crackers, cereal with milk, eggs, cheese, peas, noodles, pizza and smoothies.
Personality- She is a little firecracker. She let's you know if your not paying attention to her. Her laugh is contagious and she gives the best kisses. Her favorite thing to do and I was reading back at Max's and it's the same. SHOES! She always goes to the shoe closet to pick out shoes so she can go bye bye. Loves anyone's shoes and tries to wear them around. 
She has 8 teeth now (right around 15 months she still had 7, but the 8th has made an appearance). She is wearing 18 month clothes and size 3 diapers still. Max and Colette have a great time playing together. Hadley and Colette are going to be best friends also. I love watching her grow, but will miss her being so little! 
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Jen S said...

She's getting so big! Love the Halloween jammies.

Chris said...

She is right at that super fun age. Slow it down just a little bit there girl.

Mock family said...

Love the first photo best with a hint of a curl. I just love her

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