Thursday, July 21, 2011

Am I Ever Going to Find a Laptop?!

Ever since I took back the Ipad 2 I have been trying to find a laptop. I finally decided on the Asus U46E from best buy. It was a little more expensive than some of the others, but it had great storage, great battery usage and a nice slim look. Everything was going well until I tried to play volume and noticed it was pretty low. I don't want to have a dance club in my living room, but I do want to be able to hear without straining.

I read some reviews and suggestions that some people wrote about and downloaded a new driver from a different model and it worked really well. I was happy for a few minutes. We then tried the video chat features using the new google + and AIM and my sister kept saying when she would talk it echoed. I checked all my settings and adjusted a few things but even my brother couldn't make it go away totally. I don't want to spend this much on a computer and have one of the features I'm going to use the most not work properly. So I don't know what I'm going to do. I guess I'll have to try to take it back and try again?  Anyone have a laptop suggestion? I know you will tell me just to get a mac, but I just don't want to spend up in the thousands. Trying to keep it around $700 ish. Pin It


Jen S said...

I know Macs are more expensive, but is like a car- you can get a KIA cheap, but a Honda will hold its value more and last longer. I had a Mac Mini for 5 years and sold it for only $50 less than what I bought it for. Nothing was ever wrong with it- I just wanted a laptop. You'll spend more at first, but if you decide to get something else you'll get a great price for it. Plus, no virus scans and the folks at the Mac Genius Bar can help you transfer your files for free. Mac offers teacher's discounts so Michelle might be able to help you out there. Good luck in your search!

Chris said...

As long as you have had your laptop for, if a Mac was in your budget and if you knew it would do everything you need it to software wise and all that, that could be an option. I haven't had luck with laptops, so I'd spend 400 like I did on this one and not be that concerned if it went bad in 2 years or so, as long as it met all my needs. Or going higher end is ok, if the reliability is there. But at the price range you are at, I agree, I'd expect a bit more and wouldn't want to settle if it doesn't do the main things I need it to do well.

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