Thursday, July 14, 2011


Michelle here again.
For those of you that don't know, we had our house custom built here in Abilene. We always had an upstairs bonus room that was unfinished. The builder wanted something outrageous like $15,000 to finish it at the time the house was built (no thank you!). We've went back and forth trying to decide if it's worth finishing it. The only reason we're thinking about it again now is because we're most likely going to be moving in the springtime. The Abilene house market isn't as bad as most places, but it's also not thriving either. We've had houses in our neighborhood on the market for quite some time, too. We have been pricing it out and we think we can have it done for about $2500 (we're going to get all the materials and do some work ourselves then contract out things that are more difficult). We know we're not going to be able to recoup that amount, but it may be a factor of if we can sell our house in a timely manner. What would you rather have, a 3 bedroom 2 bath with a FINISHED bonus room OR a 3 bedroom 2 bath with an UNfinished bonus room?? Unless they want to custom do it to fit their needs, most everyone would probably choose the finished route. New homes are being built around here and they all have 4 bedrooms it seems. Our house always feels so big because we have a VERY open concept with vaulted ceilings, but no 4th bedroom.

down the hall from the front door
biggest selling feature- our spacious master bath

cathedral kitchen ceilings- very open (living room behind)

Our builder had done everything he could right up to the point before finishing the bonus room. It's pre-wired for electric, A/C is run but not hooked up, etc. So I think we've decided that it's for the benefit of the house if we go ahead and finally FINISH IT. If we can't sell out house and we have to rent it out, we can get more rent if it's finished because it could be a fourth bedroom. What do you think?? We only wish we decided to finish it sooner so we could enjoy it more! We have an old arcade machine up there and an air hockey table. We're going to move my dusty elliptical up there, too. If we were staying longer we would convert some into a movie room, but I don't think we'll bother doing too much. Here are picture sof the unfinished bonus room.

It's the room above the garage (excuse the yard, this pic is from the building stages)
If we really go through with it, I'll hijack Jen's blog again and show you the process/results. Can't wait for Jen's kitchen renovation, I think they're putting the counter tops in tomorrow!! YAY Jen! I think I'll probably do a quick post tomorrow, so it's not good bye yet :) Pin It


Jen said...

What a great question! I think you already answered it for yourself, but I agree. If you finish it, it's not like you are going to fully decorate to a style people won't like. Just keep everything neutral and just show off the space. Does it have a closet? I see you have the window so could be considered a bedroom with a small closet?

Mock family said...

great question, we will be having a closet up there. There's a water heater up there that we're putting in part of the closet (but sectioning off) then the rest will be a functional closet with hanging clothes bar etc.

Chris said...

Yeah, good point Jen. Check and see what the requirements are for it to be considered a bedroom and do that. I believe it's just a closet like she said. But if you could do it for 2500, I think it's worth it.

asj said...

nice! I think it's definitely worth it, beautiful house!

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