Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How We Told Some of the Family

The timing was perfect for when I was going to tell my sister. I found out on a Tuesday and she was heading back through my town on her road trip Wednesday. I rushed to Target on my lunch break and picked up these cute onesies to give to her. It's hard to keep anything from Michelle and she already had a feeling so I had to lie to her all Tuesday and Wednesday until she got here.
I decided to get a boy version and a girl not to discriminate or jinx myself.
Here is the happy Auntie. From the moment I told her we were scheming on how to tell Mom. We came up with a great plan, most of it was her and James' idea.
Here is how the plan went down. While we were at work the next day James and Michelle made us t-shirts.
When we got home we'd ask Mom to video with us so we could try out the new ipad (that we don't have anymore). We really weren't going to use the ipad, we just told her to get her to video with us.
Michelle showered me with little gifts and a book to record my pregnancy memories in. Very cute and thoughtful. Okay back to the plan. So we tried to video with Mom, but her video would NOT work. I mean we tried for about an hour and we were like, come on. We finally decided that since she could see us and we could hear her that it would be good enough. Her reactions usually speak for themselves. We decided we would just try to talk and say hey and we hoped she could read our shirts. Enjoy the video.

We also told my brother in a similar manner, but didn't record it. Very fun. I forgot to add that as soon as we gave my mom the go ahead to tell people, we emailed her the video of the heartbeat and she couldn't figure out how to send it out so she was running around the neighborhood with her laptop showing people. Next up was David's parents. We went out to dinner and brought the new ipad and had them flip through pictures and see if they noticed the picture I showed you on how I told David. It took them a while and they didn't realize what it was. Very funny, I secretly videoed with my phone while they were flipping through the ipad.

David brought pretty flowers home and I put them in cute mason jars, just thought they looked pretty. Thanks for letting me share! Pin It


the girl in the red shoes said...

So cute! The videos are so fun!

Rachel said...

awww! I love the look on Davids moms face when she figures it out! Made me laugh and smile! So fun!!!

asj said...

so fun! that's great that you were able to capture it on video! Those flowers in the mason jars are really pretty too,

Jen S said...

Your mom cracks me up! I wish I saved the voicemail she left me when she told me about the baby. She was SCREAMING the news to me!

leah said...

So cute!! Loved your moms reaction!

Frank and Cora said...

We laughed and laughed when we saw the video and your Mom was great so funny. We love you both and are so happy for you...I loved the flowers they reminded of your wedding ;)

Lacey said...

SO cute!! I love their reactions!!

Kacy said...

The videos are great!! What wonderful memories to have :)

Kerryac said...

The videos were so funny, what a great idea to record their reactions! I'm glad you are sharing all of this. We get to be nosy without asking the questions, lol.

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