Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Carpet & Website Question

We picked out carpet this weekend at Lowes to finish up on our home renovation projects. The guys are coming out tomorrow to measure and we should have it installed within a week or so. The only rooms that have carpet in our house are the office down stairs, both the spare bedrooms upstairs and the master closet. Ours have needed to be replaced for 4 years (since we moved in). The previous owners had kids that spilled fruit punch koolaid or something all over the floors and ours are a cream color of course. We are looking to get something that will last 5-10 years that is not too expensive so if whoever owns the house next doesn't like it it's really only 450ish square feet of carpet to replace.
This is a close up of the carpet we chose, it's a phone pic so kind of hard to see. It is a mix of cream and a darker color.
I think it is the middle one called Fairway.
We are going with a frieze style, not too crazy, but something with neutral earthy tones so if something does spill it won't be that noticeable. We went with the most expensive padding that is kind of a rubbery material. I think it will be nice and I'll probably be spending more times in these rooms since our master and main living areas have hardwood floors. Don't get me wrong, I love hard woods for cleaning and the look, they are just not soft and squishy. 
2nd- Have you guys heard of csnstores.com ? I was searching the internet for headboards and came across this site (I've seen it before, just not sure what it was) and they have all sorts of home items for what seems like great pricing.
They have reviews, but I just wanted other opinions from my blog friends. Anyone?
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asj said...

I know CSN does a lot of blog giveaways, I won one last year and we got a space heater from them [when we lived in the artic north] and had no issues! I have heard only good things about people ordering from them, you should love into if they'll let you do a review and give you some sort of discount!

Chris said...

Like the carpet, very similar to ours. We also need some bedroom stuff eventually, since I'm still using the stuff from when I was 11, but tough to spend $ on stuff when what you have works fine. ;) Thinking we'll get a platform bed first with drawers or sides on there so the boys can't hide underneath it. Will check out that site.

Mock family said...

time to get some real furniture! Some bed sets have that kinda headboard these days....

leah said...

That carpet looks awesome, I can't wait to replace ours in our house! I haven't heard of that website before, very cool!

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