Monday, August 1, 2011

No Tomatoes & Weekend Update

Well, the hunt for tomatoes for canning ended up in a big mission failure. We went ALL over trying to find the best ones. We tried the Dekalb farmers market first and were disappointed in the selection choices. They had them for the right price, but we just wanted more of a variety to choose from. The place looked WAY bigger in the pictures than it does in person. Although after trekking all around the City that is probably the place we should have got them. We tried all sorts of farmers markets and they either didn't have enough or wanted $2-4 per pound for their precious organic tomatoes. We need between 60-80lbs of tomatoes and only want to spend $1 per pound (which is what they were at the Dekalb Farmers market).
David did a bunch of work in the master bathroom, putting up trim and framing out our big mirror! I love the way it looks, we still haven't decided what color we are painting it, it came like you see it.  As you can tell we haven't replaced the light fixtures yet. Anyone know of a good place besides Home Depot/Lowes to get lights? I can't find something that's not too cheap looking, but is still not really expensive.
We also painted and fixed up the armoire (again) and it's ready to be sold. I'm about to list it on craigslist today.
We had a nice break Sunday to take Molly to swim at Lake Lanier. The water is down again and it created a little sand dune area so we could walk basically in the middle of the lake. It's great for lounging, but we came back home and went for a dip in the pool, much cleaner than the lake. Molly kept running fast and jumping in so she kicked up all the sandy dirt mixture that's why it looks so cloudy and dirty there. Pin It


Chris said...

Nice...might have to do that with ours. Found a site where you can just measure and order one up custom made. I'm sure it's way more than doing it yourself, but might be a good option for some peeps.

Ginny said...

Nice mirror - really changes the look. Of course, it makes the lights looks like you better find some new ones. MOLLY looks like she is really enjoying herself!

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