Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Nutrition & Nursery Update

At childbirth class we were given lots of information on nutrition and things to keep baby healthy. When we got home David took over the chalk board and wrote me key things that I need to get every day. It was cute. I told him to make it Christmas themed.
 Check out what the side says, you saw it here, now he has to do it!
 We also got the replacement crib parts and the crib is officially put together! I just love it! So I can remember this for later, our crib is the Babi Italia Eastside Classic Crib in White.
I am still not sure on the room arrangment. I tried the dresser by the window, but the wall to the right is blank and I'm sure I'll put it back there, but still need to find room for a chair. Any ideas?
Have I mentioned I'm selling the chair? I just don't love it and think I want something a bit newer that is possibly an oatmeal type color. Pin It

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leah said...

That menu cracks me up. David and Ky can do P90 together!

LOVE the crib, so exciting!

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