Monday, December 19, 2011

It's a Boy!.... Ok Not for Real Yet

This weekend we were all over the place trying to run errands, finish homemade gifts and just get through our to-do list. We also went to our hospital tour and baby essentials class at north side hospital. I had never even visited the hospital so it was nice to see where to go and what to expect. It's a very nice place with private rooms for labor and delivery and for staying there. I feel more comfortable about where to go and the care we are going to receive. We also learned a lot in our baby essentials class.
My favorite part was when they handed out the baby doll and asked the guys to pick them up first. She said that most women know by instinct or have held a baby more than the guys so they would go first. It was cute and the lady was so sweet when she nicely corrected what the guys were doing that may not work as well.

I can't wait to show you all the homemade gifts we finished. The new sewing machine is amazing. Our whole dining room table is full of homemade gifts.

David also decided since we were moving through our to-do list so fast that he would add another project to the list... okay maybe it didn't exactly happen that way. He wanted to run cable to another wall in the spare bedroom so he was in the attic drilling a hole when I heard some curse words and went to see what happened.
There was def. a big hole in the ceiling in the hallway from his foot that missed a beam. It was just in the worse spot too because it was in the stairwell and we had to get his brother's big extension ladder to reach. I am honestly surprised this hasn't happened before, it's just bad timing with everything we have to get done before the family arrives in town.
It really was a lot bigger than it looks.
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Chris said...

In the first picture I thought he had installed a small speaker or a baby cam or something. But guess it was a footprint instead. Just duct tape it up. :o)

Chris said...

PS, Baby Max is HUGE...

Lacey said...

Glad your hospital class went well!! That picture of the baby made me laugh. I bet David was really excited to add something else to the to-do list! Can't wait to see all of the homemade gifts you guys have been working on!

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