Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Hi Everyone, I am back... sorta. I am still on vacation from work, but wanted to share some of the things we've been doing over our Christmas break.
  I'll start with what David and I made for our families for homemade gifts. 
For my family I did these simple subway art frames. I used this print and just printed it on glossy paper and we spray painted some frames from Walmart with red. It was very simple and looks great. 
I also got this idea for decorative kitchen towels from pinterest. It was simple, but somewhat time consuming. You use flour sacks from walmart and just use an iron to put your hem on each side and pin it to your towel then just sew a nice hem on each side onto the towel. Who know hobby lobby had such cute kitchen fabric.
David also made these little earbud holders for the guys. He ran out of time though, it was going to have a zipper on it and be a little more fancy. 
We made fabric covered binder cookbooks for Davids family. I had made them last year for my mom and sister so we decided to make 8 more this year! 
They turned out really good and I just put some clear sheet protectors in with a recipe to get them going. So that is what we were doing for 2 weekends prior to Christmas in between all our baby classes. 

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Mock family said...

Excellent job ! Wait til the bloggers see mine!

leah said...

all of this stuff is so cute! I'm jealous y'all had so much time to do home made gifts! Enjoy it while you can ;)

Anonymous said...

We love our cook book thank you both.

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