Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Garden Brainstorming Time!

It's probably past garden time with all the unseasonably warm weather we have going on. This year I am scaling things back as I just don't want to have a huge garden to maintain. I really want to focus on the herbs and vegetables that I actually use and are easy to grow.
Let's start with a flash back to garden year 1. We did a raised wagon garden. I liked this because you didn't have to bend down and everything was easy to get to and you could move it around. Some of the cons were it was hard to drain and if left in the same spot of the yard, you'd get wheel marks and such. We had 16 squares (4 ft x 4 ft).
Garden year 2 we decided to really up the number of squares and we did 30. I didn't like how we had a TON of grass that grew through the squares even though we had put a weed mat down. It was really hard to maintain and I just ended up letting it grow in.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

This year I want to use some pots and possibly something like this on the patio. I will post again once I plan and I will share what were the easiest and best things to grow.

I went to pinterest to find some inspiration and hopefully you'll get a little green thumb to do just something little this year. It really is rewarding to see something start either from a seed or even a small plant that you'd get a nursery.
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Kerryac said...

Did yall grow yellow squash or zucchini? I think we would eat that the most, but I don't know how easy that would be.

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