Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Michelle's Bonus Room Renovation

Michelle here again.  First things first, I still don't want my own blog. I hate having something "lurking" over my head. If I did have my own blog, I'd write the whole weeks worth on Sunday nights. I hate having things on my to do list, I'd need to knock it all out at once. That being said a week here and there, no biggie!

If you recall back when I guest blogged a long time ago, probably it was back in July? that we were THINKING about finishing our bonus room, in anticipation for selling our house. Well, guess what, WE DID! We actually have had it finished a while, give or take back in Septemberish. Actually, we worked in bits and pieces, but by October it was done. James put up the insulation, connected the heating/air stuff, reframed a closet,  and he painted himself. We needed to pay someone to do dry wall (because I couldn't help much when holding the ones for the ceiling up), carpet, and electrical. Let's be honest, I wasn't much help overall :) I did paint the trim and found that I really don't mind doing that. I chose the same gray that my mom has in her downstairs because I knew I liked it. You know how some grays come out blue or who knows what. As expected, the color turned out great. I had  bunch of pictures of our process, but my phone pictures got erased :( I do have some though, so take a look.

Me "helping"

and now for the final product, drum roll please............


What do you think?? 

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Jen said...

I love the final picture! It looks so great. I can't believe I haven't been there to see it and probably won't, but it will def. add value to the house for when you need to sell it.

Jen S said...

I was hoping you'd have an update on this room. It looks great! You have Pacman!? What a fun room :)

leah said...

Looks awesome Michelle!

AND YES that is the key to having a blog if you want to post something everyday! Sundays are my productive days :)

Chris said...

That's funny, I'm SO the same way about having stuff scheduled and hanging over my head. I can't stand when I have things scheduled like every week, which is why I hardly ever schedule anything like that. I also changed my blogging from making sure I find something to post about every day to only posting when I am inspired or find something interesting to post about/share and that helps immensely. No sense in just posting daily to get something out there, quality over quantity. Good job, nice room for the next buyer.

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