Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Max- 1 Month Update

Max is over 4 weeks old now, but I have just now taken the photos off the camera so it's time for an update. Unfortunately, I also don't have stats from the doctor as we aren't going until next week. I did weigh Max on the home scale and it said that he was 9.2 lbs so we'll see how much he's grown next week.
 Max started out his early weeks not loving his bath, but it is growing on him. He likes the warm water. He has peed on us NUMEROUS times. After baths and during diaper changes. We need more pee pee tee pees for sure.
 We are trying to follow baby wise as for as trying to get a schedule going. This is what his days look like now.

6am: Wake up for a morning feeding as Daddy gets up for work
6:45-7:30am: Awake time/play time
7:30-9am: Nap time
9am: Feeding and repeat
He eats approx every 3 hours (exclusively breastfeeding) and we put him to bed in the bassinet usually after the 8/9pm or 11pm feeding. He is still waking up at night between 3-4 hours.
For his awake time activities he plays on his activity mat, we swing in the swing and we walk around the house looking at blinds/lights and fun things.
 Baby Max is a happy boy for the most part, but he is a bit fussy at times. After he eats and plays for his 15-30mins he gets really upset and cries a lot. He could just be tired, but I'm just being real. He also is not doing that well with night time sleeping. He fusses a lot and we play the pacci game all night (does he want it or does he not). We think he might have his days and nights confused or just likes to nap more during the day so we are going to try a few things like keeping it dark and not talking to him for night time feedings to distinguish the times.
 Max naps in his swing or in the pack and play bassinet during the day and his bedside bassinet at night. 
 He likes to be swaddled at night before bed, but sometimes he likes to have his hands free and wiggle around during the day.
 I started pumping some days after the morning feeding to start building up a supply. 
 I wanted to see if he would take a bottle so I had Michelle give him a bottle and it went really well!
 He loves riding in the car and taking trips to lunch with friends or shopping around town.
 See, I told you he cries :) 
 He are some pictures we took for his official 1 month shots. At the 1 month mark he was still in newborn clothes and newborn diapers although we were just trying to use up the diapers we had. He is now (almost at 5 weeks) in 0-3 months that are a little big and size 1 diapers. 
 He got baby acne pretty bad from around 2 weeks to 4 weeks. It is just dry skin areas now. 
 Love him, so cute (yes, those are Molly's ears).
 We love our little boy and can't believe he is already this big! 
Molly didn't want to be left out. He's hoping for sleeping through the night very soon, cross your fingers. 
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Jen S said...

He has a great smile! What a cutie pie.

Chris said...

Going strong at one month, good job! Definitely see what you can do about that sleeping through the night before I get there. :o)

The Wanna-be Southern Belle said...

he's adorable. sounds like your doing all the right things and he sounds very normal for being 1 month old. we played the paci game alot then to and I found i was stimulating him TOO much after his bottles and making him fussy before his naps. at 1 month the stimulation they need is so small so you could try only playing with him for like 15mins and then putting him down for a nap. Put him down at first yawn or very first sign of sleepyness since on average it takes them 20 mins to fall asleep. This way you are avoiding him getting overtired and fussing. Just a suggestion. In due time all will pass on its own though and as he gets older he'll become a better sleeper, a better eater (knows how to breast feed and latch without so much of your help, will feed faster, and will become more content all around. Keep enjoying him he'll be four months before you know it! :( xoxo

Lacey said...

HOW CUTE!!! I'm so glad I got to see him the other day!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been a month already! Loved all the pics!!! You both look wonderful! Love, G

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