Monday, July 30, 2012

Making My Own Baby Food

I have been making Max's baby food since we started and I am loving it. I love that I know exactly what is going in to his food. Thanks to my dad and grandma who got me the Beaba baby food cooker for my anniversary/early birthday present. It is so easy to use and helps tremendously. 
 You start with your sweet potato and just peel 
 And cut into cubes
 Fill your water to the proper line (3 for sweet potatoes) and pour it in the water chamber to the left for the steamer mode.
 In about 10-15 mins your potatoes will be soft
 Time to puree with the leftover water from your steaming
I like to make a bunch of batches at a time and as you can see just with that 1 sweet potato I was able to make 2 go arounds and it yielded over 12 oz of food (2 each container).
 All done!
 I would highly recommend this food maker to anyone looking to make their own baby food. Check out one of my friends websites who has great tips and baby food recipes over at Nurture Baby

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Chris said...

Aww, so cute he is.

Mock family said...

what a cutie patootie
great job on making the food!

Julie Rogers said...

Oh, we loved our Beaba for making food!! Cute blog, looking forward to reading more. I hope you can head over to baby week on our blog, The Chirping Moms, where we have lots of great posts and giveaways every day this week!


Lacey said...

He is the cutest baby I have ever seen! Glad he likes his homemade sweet potatoes! :)

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