Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Camera!

We have been lucky enough to borrow the Nikon camera we've been using from Darrin and Stacey and had planned on giving it back a while ago. We thought we'd have picked one out way before Max was born but all my research kept saying that newer models were coming out Feb/March so we decided to wait until after he was born.

Well Canon kept announcing that it was coming, but didn't officially release it until June. The only reason we wanted to wait for the newer model was in hopes the video feature was improved on the camera so we wouldn't have to get 2 types of cameras. We ended up going with the Canon Rebel T4i. It arrived a few weeks ago and we are loving it so far. We haven't utilized or trained ourselves in it that much, I'm adding it to my never ending to do list. Our favorite feature is the touch screen display. You can pinch and grab just like with our phones.
With a face like this, I better learn how to use it!
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Anonymous said...

Clear Picture, Handsome subject =)

leah said...

no way that is so awesome!! I love that last picture of Max... want to see more!!

Mock family said...

well you know more than me! it can pinch and grab?!?! handsome boy

The Wanna-be Southern Belle said...

Awesome!! We have the cannon T2i and love it! Can't believe there is a T4i out already! you'll really enjoy it.

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