Monday, July 2, 2012

Michelle's 20 week pregnancy update

Hey Bloggers, it's Michelle and WOW it's JULY already!! 
Today I am 20 weeks pregnant!! I can't even believe it. I think I spent a good 13 weeks not really believing that I was pregnant, I think it's settled in now. I have been doing very well and can't really complain about a thing! 
The baby's heart beat was 143 and is 9 inches in length weighing 11 ounces (last week). The baby is about the length of a banana! 

Total Weight Gain: I have gained about 10 pounds from start till right now. So I'd say I'm doing pretty well. I thought it was getting crazy, but I didn't gain as much as I thought I was going to at the last appointment, so bring on the desserts!

Sleep: I get up to use the bathroom probably 3-4 times a night still! I got the sleep body pillow from my sister and that thing is massive! Maddie (my little yorkie) LOVES it and circles up right in the good spots. It's working well keeping me laying on my side, but I'm hating being restricted. I'm a stomach/back sleeper and it's getting uncomfortable not being able to sleep like that. 

Symptoms: Nothing really big going on. I still get occasional headaches, but those seem to be rare. I get hungry a lot (but again nothing new). This baby is cooperating very well so far. 

Cravings: still want SWEETS, I feel like I have to end every dinner with a dessert or it's not complete :) I got fat free ice-cream (because I thought I was gaining too much weight) and fyi it's NOT good..... I'll go for a regular ice-cream next time I'm at the store. I just love the waffle cones, I eat them without ice-cream (nothing new though).

Aversions: Mexican's still not that interesting to me, but it's not that bad to think about

Gender- IT'S A GIRL!!! Turns out my immediate family pretty much all knew it was a girl! James and I were convinced it was a boy so we were very surprised. I will say, both gender ultrasounds we had, they're just so unexcited. They just say, ok yup it's a girl and move on quickly.... guess that's what you get when you do that all day long. We have a girl name picked out and middle name, but I don't know when we'll reveal it. We've told some close family, but not all. I kind of like keeping secrets :) 

Maternity Clothes: I did wear some low riding stretchy jeans my sister gave me out of her maternity stuff and I liked them a lot. I officially fit in none of my shorts and can't even ZIP them. I bought a couple pairs of shorts a size up, the maternity shorts just don't strike my fancy. I have been using the belly band also to keep pants up. 

Best Moments so far: Seeing baby girl TWICE on an ultrasound and hearing her strong heart beat. We had a great anatomy ultrasound last Wednesday and got to see all her little parts. Everything was measuring right on schedule for a November 18th delivery they said. We also got a new camera (canon t4i) and we're really excited to have pictures that are not blurry to use when she gets here.

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling baby girl move! I feel like I've been pretty patient, but now it's time! I'm 20 weeks and this is right when I'm supposed to feel her so let's go. Every ultrasound we've seen she's moving around a LOT and even seems to be kicking me-but no luck yet. I'm also looking forward to our house selling! I don't want to jinx anything, but we have some serious things going on at the home front :)
That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed my update.
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Anonymous said...

We were so sure it was a boy..we are so happy that it is a girl. You look so great!!!

Jen said...

Baby Girl is already so adorable!! You look great, I see a baby bump!

Chris said...

Yea, glad everything is progressing well. Time is really flying!

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