Thursday, November 15, 2012

Max is 9 Months!

Max is 9 months old, only 3 more months until he is a year. How crazy is that? Let the party planning begin!
He just went for his check up on Monday so these are pretty current stats. 
Stats-Weight: 18 lb 2 oz (13%) Height: 27 1/2" (24%) Head Circumference: 17 3/4" (43%)
New Development- Max is now trying to pull up on everything. His favorites are coffee tables, couches and any furniture. His top left central incisor tooth is just popping through (November 13) and the right one isn't far behind. He did wake up one night crying and wanting us to hold him and leave our hand on his face as he slept so I think his teeth were bothering him, but he hasn't done it since and he is really great with it.
He knows he shouldn't be trying to get on all the furniture and touch the TV so he looks at me and makes silly noises. He has pulled up in his crib (to at least his knees) to grab the video monitor and pull it down. I normally don't miss a thing while watching him so I know its going to happen and have to go intervene. He has just started standing in his crib (usually in the morning when he wants to get out and I'm still getting ready). He is still standing/walking with assistance mostly on his toes so hopefully he will grow out of that soon. 
Favorite Activities & Personality: Max is so smart. He will mimic you by clapping his hands, waving, and he is still pointing. We're still trying to use sign language for eat, milk, more and all done, but it isn't catching on yet. We caught him doing all done at dinner, but he wasn't really all done so he might have just been playing with his hands.  He also now watches you bounce and throw a tennis ball to Molly. He will grab it and throw to Molly. He then chases after her trying to rip it out of her mouth to get it. Molly is great with him and usually just gives the ball up. Molly and Max love to go on walks by the tennis court because we usually find a few new balls to bring home.
Max loves to swing. His facial expressions are great. Sometimes he doesn't  make a peep but will do small giggles to himself.
He's a silly little boy who loves to say dadada still and loves to goof around with Daddy. 
David makes all kinds of noises and faces at him especially at dinner. They are so cute together. 
He has a push cart walker thingy to help him stand and walk, but he just likes to stand in front of it and get things out of the basket. I think it goes too fast for him so he just likes standing up on it. He looks like such a big boy in real clothes. I love the jeans.
We picked up a bunch of new clothes as its getting colder at Macy's this weekend (they were having a great sale). Thanks to Grandpa John, I'm ready for winter!
Eating- He still loves real food, anything from chicken, ground beef, steamed veggies, macaroni, you name it. We try to give him a little of what we have for dinner if its suitable to go along with his baby foods. He is great at gumming his food and chewing with his few teeth. He enjoys the challenge. Dr. Susan says he can now have 3 meals and 3 snacks throughout the day. We usually give him banana pieces in the morning to hold him from his morning bottle until breakfast. This kid loves to eat at any time. 
I am nursing him in the morning and at night as well as pumping at work. I have moved that to only the 3:30 pm pump as I'm really not getting much of anything out at the 11am. My pumping days may almost be over because my supply just can't keep up. The milk bar is coming to a close. Luckily he is finally doing great with bottles at home with Gigi and some formula so that is a relief. He also still loves his water from his straw sippy cup and I am so thankful that we started that so early and he's taken to it so well.
Sleeping: He is still doing really well with sleeping. He goes to bed around 7:30pm and is waking up a little earlier now at 6:15-6:30ish. I will take that time though as with the time change last week he was waking up in the 5:30am range and that was not cool. It took him about 3-4 days to adjust as that is pretty consistent with anything new we give to him so I'll take it.
He naps pretty good still. His morning and afternoon naps range from 1 hour, 1.5 hours or even 2. Sometimes we get the unlucky 1/2 hour nap but we really can't complain. 
He's so crazy that he can't sit still, he is always going, going, going. I think that's why he can't put any weight on, he never sits still. This is going to be fun on the plane Saturday :)  Exhibit A above.
And B
And C
Such a silly, happy boy!
Molly is still his best pal (DA) and they love to get into trouble together. Molly doesn't love all the attention Max gets so she'll plop herself down so close to Max and stretch out so we notice her. Max just grabs a bunch of her fur and laughs while Molly lets him do it.
- He is in size 9 month with some clothes and he can fit in to 12 month as well but they are just a little big.
-Size 3 diapers (we went with pampers cruisers since that's what they have now at Sams and they are great).
He is still liking books, but mostly just to point, pull and bang on them. He likes the musical ones, those hold his attention for a bit longer.
-His hair is definitely getting fuller (and blonder). He wakes up with crazy bed head sometimes, which is adorable.
-He still loves playing with his hot wheels cars, he has started to move the cars and make car noises as he moves them (I'll have to try to video it). He goes babababb. I think he started doing it because I would go vrooom vroom and move the car.
Here is just a couple random pics of Max being Max. He loves to play and get into trouble. Trouble is definitely his middle name, well his middle name is really David, but David is also trouble so it fits. 
Love my little boy. He is getting so big, but I am loving how interactive he is with us and how he can play with us and by himself. Pin It


Linda said...

He is absolutely the cutest! Do you think he would go for a younger woman (Emery)? Thanks for sharing all your pics.

leah said...

Bet my mom meant to say "older" woman ;) I loved reading all about what he's doing... he is such a cutie!! Around 9 months was when Emery started mimicking sign language with us, so I bet that's really going to take off soon with him too!

Mock family said...

Too cute!!

Chris said...

Such a happy little Buddo! And he is getting around quite well!

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