Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Max's Box Car

We decided to make a box car out of one of Max's pampers diaper boxes. I highly recommend this for free enjoyment. Max loved it. David rigged up my boppy and a pillow in case his head went back.

He now wants to sit in the box and play all the time. This is a photo from this morning when I was slowly pushing him around and he put his arm on the window and he went for a ride. He's too cute, I can't even stand it. 
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leah said...

hahaha I love it! OF COURSE David "rigged" something up perfectly from your boppy pillow haha. Awesome idea!

Chris said...

Zoom zoom zoom! It's always the simplest things that people seem to like most. Boxes are good, later it will be forts made with couch cushions and blankets. Go buddo go!

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