Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Like Father Like Son?

When we were at his parents house for the birthday party this weekend they brought out this picture of David from when he was a baby. I think he looks Max's age so let's see if you think Max looks like David.
Just picture different eye and hair color.
I made it black and white and choose another one of Max with shorter hair.
I gave Max some brown hair and brown eyes. I should have picked a better brown as this has red in it, but it's pretty funny. What do you think? Pin It


Chris said...

A little bit yes, Max has much bigger eyes though. If you take the eye/hair color out of the picture with the black and white photos he does look pretty close!

Mock family said...

Haha that hair is red and just plain silly for my little blondie :)
I think max is a combo of everyone

Jen S said...

Ha! He looks like he could be my kid in the photoshopped pic. But yes, he definitely looks like David!

Sara McCarty said...

Hahahaha! Love this. They do look alike!

Anonymous said...

Love this! The pic of max you changed makes him look like he's from the 70's! Oh wait - that was David, nevermind :)

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