Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Goals!

Well, they say that since today is the first Monday of the new year, that it is also the most depressing day of the year. Anyone feel that? What's depressing to me is that my goals from 2013 could just be duplicated on here to be this year's goals... That is a bad thing. Honestly, I had no idea what my goals even were. Definitely need to print them out and look at them for sure. This year is catch up time before baby W #2 makes his/her debut in 5 months (woah).  One thing that I did not even mention was learning a new craft/trade and I mastered my embroidery machine this past year so I think I'll pat myself on the back for that. I'll start with new 2014 goals and then do a quick revisit with 2013 ones.

2014 Goals!
Photo Books-
-I will make a blog book out of my pregnancy with Max
-I will finish (start) Max's baby book

Designing/Planning Rooms
-Max never got his nursery really completed when we moved so I think we'll just skip to his big boy room, which is still going to have the same Where the Wild Things are woodsy feel to it just maybe with a few diff. furniture pieces.
-I also need to plan out the basement. We are holding until spring to really get this going but I need to plan the play room/craft room, great room/ moms area (with her help of course). I want to make full on design boards because I need detailed visions.
-Nursery planning for baby W #2

Continue going on weeks we don't serve and join a small group

Sort/Organize/De-clutter Paperwork-
Need a mail/filing organizational system and to keep up with it.

New Baby-
All these goals need to happen within 5 months to get ready for new baby W in June. I am excited that I can enjoy summer without being pregnant, but I want to be able to enjoy a new baby. Max was a colic, ever demanding little boy so I am expecting nothing less with this one. I want to embrace that and just focus on caring for the little bambino the 2nd half of the year.

2013 goals revisited
Photos, photos, photos-
I need to make a pregnancy photo book  Fail
I also need to do Max's baby book, yep haven't started one. Shame on me. Good thing I have this blog where I've written everything down. Another big fat fail. These are priority for the new year.
Have printed maternity photos, newborn pics, others to display around the house I did this for Max's 1st birthday and now they seem outdated already, but what can ya do. Print some more I guess.

I'd really like to take a class on learning the in's and out's of my camera and photo usage. Still would like to do that.

Socialize Max more
I want to start having my mom take him to story time, music play and out and about to start integrating with children more.  He likes to play with them, but has started to want to eat them (seriously). Max spent a lot of this past year with cousin Kinsley and that went really well. He is actually starting a church pre-school 2 days a week TOMORROW from 9:30am-1:30pm. Big boy!

Career Focus-
Find a job/company to invest significant time with.  I am not a job hopper, I like staying put and focusing on one place and learning everything I can there.  I would like to find a company that matches the culture I am used to and a job that is fun, yet challenging with great people. I did start a new job in April that I am still liking for this stage in my life so check on that!

Sort/Organize/Declutter paperwork-
A lot of this is from the move and living in 3 diff. places the past year, but I need to organize the stack of paper that David throws stacks in the office.  I'd like a great organizational piece for mail and bills. Desperately need to do this one.

I'd like for us to really commit to going to a church.  We have been to one that we like, but it's easy to make excuses of other things we have to do when it's time to go.  It's closer by now with the move and Max is old enough for day care there so it's time to hold ourselves accountable. David and I are enjoying serving on the guest services team that we started this past year. David does parking team and I am on Usher/seating team. Now, to get there consistently on the weeks we don't serve is the next challenge.

Since our new house didn't need a lot of work right away we have decided to leave the original wall colors and resist the urge to upgrade all of our existing furniture and decorations.  As soon as funds provide we'd like to redo the basement first, but I would eventually like to redecorate all the rooms.  So I want to carefully plan each room of the house (probably using pinterest and houzz) to make it more homey/personalized without rushing to get it done. Even if that means living with mostly bare walls for now.  Since this will be our long term house I want to really put thought into it. This was a funds rebuilding year and is still under way so I will be back to planning/designing rooms soon.

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Mock family said...

mannnnnn i think FAIL is a harsh word for your blog today! you're depressing me with all the work you need to do :) That's why I'm not doing a goal list, i don't want to be depressed next year haha

Chris said...

Don't feel bad, over last year I thought I was loosely working on goals for my website stuff and when I checked them at year end found that the goals I thought I had were from the year prior and the goals that I had last year I made almost no progress on. Guess it was a bad year for goals.

Chris said...

Goal check, how you doing so far? I'm pretty excited I eliminated soda! Used to have soda almost every day with lunch and only had 1 sip since Jan 1st. Woot woot...Lemonade or water only...BAM!

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