Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days 2014!

Sorry for the MIA status again. I was busy the beginning of the week and then Snowmaggeden 2014 happened in Atlanta. I'm sure you heard about it on the news. Mass chaos of people trying to leave  early to get their kids/get home on Tuesday afternoon. David and I were lucky and only took 2-3 hours to get home.
When we got home we waited for Max to get up from his nap to play in the snow. Well, he woke up extremely grumpy and wanted nothing to do with outside at first.
Pretty snow on the back deck.
It was such a pretty scenery. We had a snow day from work on Wednesday. David worked more than I did so I got to hang with my buddy and play.
Winter wonderland.
I'd say we got 2 inches at most. I was excited for anything. They were definitely only predicting a dusting so that was another issue.
Max spent most the time watching from inside while Daddy threw snowballs at them.
Molly wasn't afraid!
He finally warmed up to the idea of going out if Daddy would hold him. He thought it was funny when the snow started to cover our hair.
Family snow selfies!
He finally wanted to get down and thought the snow was pretty cool.
He's watching it fall.
Just wanted to show ya our cool snow gear lol. FYI- Rain boots DO NOT make good snow boots. My feet were frozen/numb after being out for 20 mins.
David rigged up a diaper box and put a plastic bag over it for water proofing/better sliding.
We just went down a small hill at the neighbors house. We have a massive hill on our side yard, but it's very dangerous. I'm sure Max will test that out in the later years.
He had a blast playing.
A little cold and blurry. We finally ventured out today (Thursday) and are at work and roads are completely fine even though school's out again. Max didn't get to go, but he was up most the night with a very stuffy nose/coughing so hopefully it will be short lived. Pin It


Chris said...

Aww Buddo, looks like he warmed up, or I guess I should say cooled up to the idea eventually! :o)

Mock family said...

I think you look great in your snow gear though!!

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