Monday, March 17, 2014

What we've been up to!

Sorry about being MIA, I've just been taking more Iphone pics than anything else so I will show you what we've been up to the past weeks.
Miss Hadley and the gang came for a visit before their trip out to Cali. We enjoyed yummy food at Fishtales on Lake Lanier. Max and Hadley were big enough to plan in the GIGANTIC sand pit they have almost unsupervised (still have to help at certain areas). Max was very hesitant about the sand as he really has never loved it. As soon as he saw Hadley though he had to go and we let him keep his shoes on. 
I had to document this, but my sister BRINGS her own personal dust pan and sweeper in her diaper bag? She cleans up after Hadley and I thought it was hilarious. I mean I am all about cleaning up, but we usually use just a paper towel and scoop it on up.
My cake balls I made... First time ever and the actual cake ball part was fun, but the dipping in those candy melts didn't go as smoothly as I was hoping for. They still were yummy though. 
We had lots of fun at the playground with cousin Hadley also!
I started brainstorming paint colors for Max's big boy room wall accent. I will share detailed room plans on another post.
This is the bedspread I was going off for my color choice. We ended up choosing Dill (far right) and it's hard to see the match because of the placement. 
My little painting helper on Saturday. We had beautiful weather once again and I read a tip to paint a poster board instead of the wall so Max helped me paint.
He only painted on his piece for a few minutes then he wanted to help Mommy of course. He did a great job, although we did get a little paint on the deck... Tarp next time for sure.
We're baby sitting Michelle's animals and Maddie has to be all over you while sleeping. She took her spot on Baby girl one night.
Our sweet girl Molly had to have another surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. It is in the same spot as the last one and they did warn us about it coming back. We were hoping it wouldn't be this soon  (only 1.5 years from the last). We had it removed again and are hoping they got it all. The DR. said he did have to take a lot of muscle. We are being adamant about her wearing the cone because last time you'd turn your back for a second and she'd be taking out her staples. She has stitches this time, but don't want to deal with it opening back up like last time. She really is recovering very well though. She wanted to go for a walk Saturday (3-legged hop) and was insisting on going up and down all our stairs in the back to potty (must be some good pain meds). 
I made some yummy banana bread yesterday and homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. We went for 5 Guys and Icecream (thanks Mom) Saturday night because I didn't grocery shop so we finally went yesterday morning so I got to cooking. Everything was so good.
Max was being so sweet last night before bed by sitting next to Molly to keep her company while he ate his apple. Stay tuned to posts about Max's room and baby girl's nursery brainstorm. Pin It


leah said...

love the random pics post and that's hilarious that your sister brings a dustpan with her hahaha. Love your belly shot of baby girl too!

Mock family said...

1. Great post with recaps!
2. I've had several dustpan laughs here in Cali BUT one of the guys asked to borrow it to clean up their kid's mess haha
3. Get well soon miss Molly
4. Thanks for watching animals, miss them!
5. Good job lil helper max

Jen S said...

Too funny, Michelle! But a great idea I will have to steal.

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