Monday, November 24, 2014

Colette is 5 Months Old!

My sweet baby girl is 5 months old!
Stats- We brought her in to an after hours place a few weeks ago for an ear infection (which she did have) and they weighed her there. She is 16.3 lbs. At this time with Max, he was only 14 lbs.
Personality- My kids sure know how to smile! Colette is seriously the happiest baby you'll ever see. She "talks" all morning, she laughs a lot and just loves watching the kids play. That's how I knew she had something wrong with her the other week. She was crying all morning and wouldn't stop. She was stuffed up and I read about drainage and ear infection so I took her in and that's what it was. She was fine with a little tylenol, but by the next day she was back to her happy self.
Eating- She is eating every 3 hours still with 4 ounces of breast milk in a bottle while I am at work. She loves her bottle, but still loves to breastfeed so it's the best of both right now. With Max we started pureed foods at this time, but he was very fussy and always seemed hungry. I just tried to introduce some apples and pears to Colette at 5.5 months and she wanted NOTHING to do with it. Basically gagged and threw up a little so no rush there and we will revisit around 6 months.
Sleeping- Well, I said she was cute and always happy right?! If there is a downside, it would have to be the nighttime sleeping. Little miss was doing great until about the 4 month regression and it's gone down hill from there. On a bad night, which is most nights lately she is up 3 times... yes. She goes to bed around 7:30/8pm and is up around 10:30/11pm, 2, 5 and up for the day around 7/7:30.
This is how she looks when I put her to bed and normally within the hour (usually within minutes) this is how I find her below. 
It's a good thing she's cute. This is how it went with Max before we had to do the Moms on call sleep training method. I think it gets so bad that there is really no other option so you don't feel too terrible about doing it. I've let it go on this long because of her being stuffy/ear infection. I wanted to also start some food so I would know she was getting enough and not hungry. Probably will wait till around 6ish months but it's coming baby girl.
She's napping in her swing still and I am going to try moving her to the crib during our upcoming Thanksgiving days off probably. She still naps 3-4 times a day for about 45-1hr ish.

She is such a big girl! Growing so fast! 
Displaying IMG_2279.jpg
She loves playing in her rain forest activity jumper. Usually while we are getting the older kids breakfast (hadley included) we put her in there and she bounces, eats things and has a grand ole time by her self. So thankful for an easy going baby. Also, just a note, if you forget her she will just sleep in there. Just kidding! She wasn't forgotten, just tired.
She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. She has to wear a bib all day or her clothes will just be soaked. No teeth peeking in yet. She was getting mad she couldn't get this one all the way in. 
In the mouth sophie goes. She sits pretty well in the bumbo chair now. She does try to lean over to get your drink cup, food or anything she sees. Must be supervised at all times! 
She's a little roly poly baby. She flips to her stomach so easily and just goes back to her back and so on to get what she wants. Mom sent me a series of photos one day of her under the coffee table rolling all over. She seems eager to crawl so she will probably be early. I am hoping she holds out until after Christmas. She may be the perfect age for a tree or it could go all wrong! I want her to be able to sit, but not actively go after my pretty tree so here's hoping! 
I broke out the car walker for her after reading Max's update that he had been zooming around already. She really has no interest in moving in it. She just wants to eat the toys on it and stare into the lights. The older kids think they can still fit and go all around the house still so we definitely got our moneys worth.
- She still loves her bath. She has some dry skin and cradle cap like Max had.
- She's in size 3 honest company diapers
-Clothes shes wearing 3-6 but mostly 6 month as those others are snug.
Hadley and her crazy hair was helping with our photo shoot and wanted in on the pics. So cute girls!

I mean just stick a bow on Max and call them the same baby!
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Soo cute coco bean

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Happy girl! Looking good Colette!