Tuesday, June 21, 2016

1st Quarter 2016 Fun Happenings!

Max and David are lucky boys. They went to Monster jam (twice) with our good friends and Max's buddy Chase. They always get the VIP treatment and Max really enjoyed it this year (thanks Windy!).
St. Patrick's Day fun. 
We had Hadley for the day and we went to the park and had a picnic in the park with Gigi.
Coco's first pony! She never let us touch her hair. I am happy to report she really likes putting her hair up now! She calls it "bowt" She adds a t on a lot of things, but she thinks we put her hair in a bow. It's cute.
This particular day Max got to take the class "pet?" Boomer home for the weekend. Coco took a liking to him.
Max's first movie with Daddy. Star Wars! Yes, he's a bit too young for that, but he loves it. 
We went to a friend in the neighborhoods for dinner and he made this amazing tomahawk steak and plank mashed potatoes! mmmmm
Apparently my photos are out of order and I'm not switching so let's back up. We always tend to get snow more in Januaryish in Georgia. This year was similar but we only had a dusting. And actually Max had snow for his birthday in February. One of the other big snows we had was Valentines day weekend once here.
We're hoping for a bit more snow next year to make our snowman a little bigger.  I'll take a dusting versus 4 feet of snow any day :) 
We had smores outside one night as we were all craving them. Bundled everyone up. I wonder how cold it was lol.
Coco loves to lay like this when relaxing. 
I love this recipe and so do the kids! Max's teacher told the kids how good broccoli is for you and he eats it and Hadley eats it because Dr. Smiley told her to. Win win.
Max's birthday swag. 
One of the Monster jam cars is called Max-D (Max's middle name is David) so his buddy Chase got him that hat. Max is gangsta now.
Max's valentine (thanks pinterest) so easy. His class has 11 boys and 1 girl so I felt it was appropriate. Chloe did get the purple car poor thing.
We had a super bowl party to go to in the culdesac and my mom came with us so we tried outside baby sitters! Well, we were as close as we could get (2 houses down) and these gals live next door and 3 houses down so we were pretty comfortable. They did great and the kiddos love them. Unfortunately as of now Marge (left) moved out of the neighborhood with her family (I tried to kidnap her). We miss her greatly, but the kids have also taken a liking to Zoie's(right) brother so I can see future baby sitting opportunities.
Max's birthday at school! 
Ms. Donna and Ms. Jennie
I brought a treat in for the class. Love seeing my boy at school. 
All Max requested was a cake with legos on it. Don't make fun of it. He loved it. 
I opted not to have a huge birthday party for Max with friends, but we did a few fun things. He wanted to go bowling so we went to Dave and Busters and he was so interested in the videogames that we barely bowled. Too much stimulation at once. He was actually getting sick or just got over it (you can tell he doesn't look like his perky self). My kids have a thing about getting sick around their birthday.

Haha love this pic. 
We also took Max, Coco, Chase, Andrew and Hadley to the childrens museum in Gainesville for his birthday. They had a great time.
Valentines Date night and comedy improv. show. So fun. 
I got a zoodler and I am LOVING the zucchini noodles. I made this yummy meal packed with veggies (kids not a fan as you would have guessed). Keep in mind, to get kids to eat zoodles you have to peel the skin. It looks more like noodles and less like a veggie. You're welcome.
Circus time! Theres I think 3 weeks in February where I don't see my friend Windy unless I go to her so we did! Colette really enjoyed her circus experience. We were spoiled again and had fantastic seats (front row) and treats all around.
Group pic! 
Last time these elephants will be apart of the show. 
David's back has been bothering him and our mattress is 11 years old so we went for a new one. We decided to try the Casper mattress and we are loving it! SO easy from the ordering and delivery to setting it up. No big box stores for us anymore. Money back guarantee after a 100 night free trial. Highly would recommend. Use my referral link to get $50 off if you're interested.
Smoking some pork butt. 
We did have a family combo party for the 3 musketeers. Such a cute cake from Sams. 

Sassy Kinsley in the middle. Describes her perfectly. 
Someone loves cake. 

The kids helped decorate Gigi's Birthday Cake in March. Max requested something ninja turtle and Hadley frozen.
Spring has Sprung!
Max's 2nd monster jam pit pass session where he got to skip lines and get driver signatures. He loved it.
Too funny not to post. 

Lanier Education Foundation casino night. In year's past it has been the blue jean ball, but this year they decided to do 2 events and this was one of them.
It was a fun evening and we raised a lot of money for our cluster of schools. A little exciting tidbit as if I needed more things to get myself into. I am now on the board for the Lanier Education Foundation of course with my partner in crime (and neighborhood social committee co-leader) Windy. Our kids aren't in school officially yet, but we are ready to raise money and help out with our marketing skills.
Andrew's birthday was an exciting day of train rides around the cul-de-sac! The kids had a blast

We had dinner one night at Tin Lizzies with all these crazies. 
We had a wonderful (if I do say so myself) spring festival in our neighborhood brought to you by the fabulous social committee. We had bounce houses, face painter, balloon artist, fire truck, hotdogs/chips and an egg hunt.
It was supposed to be cold that day but then got hot so Max took off his nice shirt. 
She was so excited to have found her eggs! 
On actual Easter Sunday David and I were taken down by the stomach flu. We had a rough sickness go around this winter between all of us.
We decided on an impromptu wine tasting day in the Helen area. Cousin time.
It was COLD that day, but that didn't stop us. A few bachelerotte party craziness to work around, but we managed.
I guess we were busy! I can't wait to go back and review how 2nd quarter of 2016 turned out. If you made it this far, thanks! Pin It

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