Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Business Owners

Back in October 2015 David and I left our corporate jobs to pursue an opportunity to own our own business. We began working with the previous owners for an intense 3 month training period and as of January 1st, 2016 we are now the owners! 
David will spend the majority of his time in the field servicing our accounts and growing business. I will be in our office/warehouse managing the books, invoicing, billing, marketing and all the behind the scenes duties. I started this post back in January so coming back here in June to update is interesting. David's goal was to also try to focus on growing the engineering side of the business to have more office time and be billable that way. Thanks to our nephew, Josh, for leading the service accounts and being our road warrior it's now possible. We also have our other nephew helping when needed, especially this summer.  So far we are loving being our own bosses. 
We are sharing a very large warehouse space with another great company (they gave us a few offices and we have 3,500 sf of warehouse space).  Oh, did I mention that it is only 6 minutes from door-to-door from our house to get to work! 
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Mock family said...

So exciting!! Keep up the good work

Jen S said...

What a great opportunity for you guys! Glad it is going so well.

Chris said...

Woot, exciting times! You have an office and A/C in there some where? Hope so cause it's hot as hades this week. :o)

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