Monday, June 20, 2016

Max is 4!

Our crazy boy turned 4 in February! He is 38.75" tall (16%), weighs 32.50 lbs (18%). His Blood pressure is 94/68. Heart Rate: 100. BMI: 15.21 (35%). Who knew they did all that.
Selfie. They checked his hearing and vision and he is doing great. Max was excited because no shots until they are 5.
He is such a great big brother and Little miss. Coco just adores and copies everything he does.
Crime partners. Max is busy learning his letters and was finishing up his school year (ended in May). 
Fun with daddy. More pics to come in another catchup post. 
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1 comment:

Chris said...

Man 4 just seems too old. Kiddos grow up so quick, well I guess we all do! See you guys soon!

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