Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Date Night in Atlantic Station

On Saturday night I planned a date night, on a budget of course. My plan was for us to go to the Bodies Exhibit (David has been wanting to go for forever), Grab Dinner and drinks at the Grape, and Watch the tree lighting all at Atlantic Station. I got half off tickets for bodies, originally $26 but from half off depot they were $12 each. I also had a groupon for $25 (paid $10) to the grape. It is a wine bar place, but they have food and other beverages.
 I wanted to show off my outfit, this is my sweater dress, fancy tights and my new boots.
 This is the tree before the lighting obviously. It is in the center of all the restaurants. If you've never heard of Atlantic Station, check it out here. It is basically an outdoor shopping mall area with restaurants and a movie theater with underground parking. There are apartments and such above the shops and down the street are really cool condos. David and I always pretend that we live in one of them and that we go to our second house on weekend and are hip and trendy in this life.
 Here we are before we went to the Bodies Exhibit. You aren't allowed to bring your camera, phone or bags into the exhibit. So this is the last picture before we went in. I took some photos from the internet to show you what it looked like inside.
 We got to see ligaments, bones, tendons and everything inside and outside your body right up close.
 Check this out. They showed you stages of a fetus from 4 weeks to 20 weeks. That was crazy, it looks like a very small tiny alien, even at the 8 week point.
This is really what it looked like inside the exhibit. We opted for the listening device that talked to us throughout each little station.
 After we got out it was dark and still quite warm out so that was nice. They had a company that was producing snow throughout the night. We were trying to see what it was made of and we found the snow! It is a soapy mixture and helium they said. We found this on a table on the 2nd floor of where we were. They made them in shapes of snowflakes and sent them of in to the air.
 We went to the grape and opted to sit outside since it was so nice. We split the Pulled Pork/Chicken flat bread and it was very tasty!
And then it was time to get packed in to watch the tree lighting. It was very pretty.
After a few seconds the snow blasters started and it looked like a snowy blizzard. That was my favorite part.
Here I am covered in a little snow. It was better in person than you can see in this photo, trust me. We had the best time and got in the holiday spirit. Pin It


Lacey said...

I love your outfit! You planned an awesome date night!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

leah said...

What a fun date night, all on a budget too!! Love your sweater dress and so glad you all finally experienced bodies!

Mock family said...

great outfit.... and that blizzards got nothing on Abilene blizzard 2009

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